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... I am a 39 year old female. I have had a tendency toward fasciculations since childhood. In my early 20s I saw a neurologist who looked me over and pronounced them benign. ... (10 replies)
ALS Possible?
Jan 8, 2005
... I am a 29 yo male and have been having continual muscle fasciculations in my left bicep and tricep for about 3 months now. ... (3 replies)
Typical of ALS?
Dec 7, 2004
... Hello, for the last year or so I have been having quite a few fasciculations in my body. I went to a neurologist last year for a different problem, mentioned the fasciculations to him, and he said it was BFS. ... (2 replies)

... Any encouraging words welcome. I'm 52-yr-old female with following history: Early 2001 jumping feeling in a muscle in abdomen, lower right quadrant, sitting cross-legged Summer 2002 feet and leg pain Winter 2002 ankles so stiff could only shuffle Spring 2003 pain in my leg bones and hips, muscles on either side of sacrum tight, legs weak June 2003 dent in my... (3 replies)
Update ...
Oct 26, 2015
... Wow. So do you no what caused all of this? Has the nuerolugist mentioned neuropathy to you? Or cipd? Have you ask for a skin biopsy? Are you showing other signs of als? (40 replies)
Update ...
Oct 26, 2015
... Typically yes. In April I had terrible burning in ankles snd later in May i noticed fasciculations in left calf. I went to neurologist. Burning is a sensory symptom and unrelated to MND. ... (40 replies)
Do I have ALS?
Sep 30, 2007
... Hello. Just last night I noticed that I can't lift my big toe on my left foot as easily as I can the right. Is this a sign of ALS? I am a 20 year old college student. I have been feeling "sick" since April, which is detailed below. I have gotten no answers as to what's wrong with me, and this is just another thing. Any help would be appareciated. I have spent the... (11 replies)
... A few months ago I did notice that my back, neck and shoulders had a horrible burning sensation that lasted a long time. It still happens regularly and depends on my stress levels etc. ... (1 replies)
... For the past two months I have felt like there is a lump in my throat and I have difficulty swallowing. My neck and jaw also feel stiff. I was just wondering if anyone could explain to me what it feels like when you have swallowing difficulties due to ALS. ... (4 replies)
Status ...
Aug 3, 2016
... Symptoms. Fasciculations year+. Burning sensation in legs. Cramping/muscle soreness throughout body. Sore throat almost constant. Stiffness throughout body legs/hands/face. Tests: EMG (60 replies)
... I do have fasiculation more in calfs but can feel in arms shoulders aswell Start to battle with swallow problems now and then but not a problem when eat or drink Lot of atrophy: Hands arms shoulders and legs weaknes start to feel that when walking my left foot must consentrate to try snd walk notmal my shint start burnning when I walk Dr also tested strength and did... (122 replies)
... Cramps and fasciculations constant. My hands, arms shoulders, stomach, neck and feet feel so tight and get muscle spasms. ... (122 replies)
Very nervous
Nov 13, 2014
... cially if it's not associated specifically with the muscles that are weak or experiencing other symptoms. It is true that a particular type of twitching known as fasciculations is common in ALS. ... (3 replies)
... (16 replies)
... I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis. This is my first post. I stumbled on this site when looking for lyme disease information. I've had symptoms of ALS, fasciculations, muscle wasting, dizziness, severe fatigue and many other strange symptoms. I've been diagnosed with a lot of different auto immunne diseases and my last doc hinted at ALS. The problem is, I've had symptoms... (16 replies)

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