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... Hey Yall Im new to the board I need some questions answered -My father died of ALS-at the age of 74- Iam 45- male -white- I have severe pain in left shoulder area (rhamboids-teres-trapezius- top of deltoid)that radiates down through my left arm-affecting pinky and ring finger(slightly stiff at the moment)-i have burning and cold sensations in same areas. pain goes through... (1 replies)
... I posted the following posting on the stroke site, but due to my 1st cousin having similar...are there any similaritiesto ALS in the symptoms ? ... (2 replies)
... chest pain .. ... (0 replies)

... I didn't explain a couple of things very clearly. My neck has been hurting to the point that it is difficult to turn my head. And, the pain has moved from one side of my neck to the other. Also the shooting pain that I have is in my right leg, the same one that feels extremely weak. ... (6 replies)
... and has 3 herniated discs in his back and 1 in his neck. He had spinal fusion surgery last November on his back with no success. He continues to be in consistent pain and has some and arm numbness. He went to the Dr. today for the results of his most recent MRI's. ... (6 replies)
... ogist who lowered my thyroid medication dose again. I went into the hospital with my legs feeling stiff and twitching and the Dr told me I was too younge to have ALS and told me to start klodipan again. They did a chest x ray that came back normal. ... (1 replies)
... In July of 2002 I started having shooting pain and then dull pain in my right leg, the pain would come and go. ... (4 replies)
ALS Question
Aug 8, 2018
... I can barely walk for prolonged periods of time without numbness in my left foot that extends to my knee. Breathing is still difficult when I inhale. I do have pain in my body, joint pain, deep tissue pain. The pain is constant but moderate and uncomfortable all the time. ... (3 replies)
... muscle pain and muscle weakness. Shaky feeling in my arms and legs. Muscle twitching. Sore throat. ... (4 replies)
Als? please help
Mar 5, 2004
... hi lililu i also have a lot of the symtoms you describe except for i have a buring sensation in my right toe sometimes when i wake up my hands are curled up together and hurt bad and numb and tingling i have ddd in c2,3,4,5 and pinched nerve in c67 that was verified by mri and emg had series of 3 esi injections in the c67 to no avail had chiro and pt still hurting bad been to... (5 replies)
Als symptoms?
Jun 22, 2015
... that's what I get from even lifting up my arm and the muscle under my armpit is yet again quite tense. I have had no pain whatsoever other than very tiny muscle aches. Ibe also noticed im lossing weight. Not much but still loosing weight. Is this anything to do with als? ... (2 replies)
... ok i think im just a paranoid person..... ive been reading up on als now im convinced i have it.... ... (2 replies)
... neck. The pain was so intense and she could get no relief. I believe she had her first signs in 1994 and she died in October 2000. ... (6 replies)
... and sometimes my abdomen twitches too or I get crampa or my legs jerks or my whole body (8 replies)
... t 2 years and they didn't found nothing I'm just really worried I have als, I can swallow fine. Breathe fine is just that my body hurts and I don't know why my neck gets stiff I sometimes get cramps around my body . ... (8 replies)
... 1/6/2015 same burning/chills and tingling in feet pain in my leg and sometimes both legs, around joints and calf but sometimes in thighs too I had pain in arms and tingling feeling in my hands, My hands were also shaking I had pain and stiffness in my shoulders I had stiffness in my face, sometimes on the face, other times around mouth and neck and even forehead ... (4 replies)
Jul 16, 2007
... ike his tongue was having spasms that went away. That day at work he had a little slurred speech, at times. Scans all negative. Physical Therapy for right side neck pain helped and then symptoms returned. Right side headaches, neckpain and tongue tingling off and on with more Physical Therapy helping temporarily. ... (0 replies)
... but my cell phone wasnt in my pocket. It has since gone to my right calf and into my left leg on occassion. Also, I've been experiencing burning feet, lymph node pain in groin, under arms, and in side of neck. I can actually feel one node in my left side of neck. It's hard and about the size of a pea. ... (1 replies)
ALS? Very Scared
Jul 28, 2015
... wellness doctor here in town. He figured me out in 2 visits. I have a few things wrong. My C1 is way out of alignment. I also have arthritis at c6. Because of my neck issues the nerves in my thoracic spine are pretty much choking. I have some degeneration at L5. ... (5 replies)
ALS? Very Scared
Jul 3, 2015
... shoulder pain resolving after a few days to a few weeks with overlapping weakness. ... (5 replies)

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