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... I, of course, am not his doctor, but I can tell you about my dad's progression. Me first had stiffness in his neck and tingling in his hands in November 2002. ... (14 replies)
Als symptoms?
Jun 22, 2015
... Hello, on Sunday of last week, I experienced incredible, excruciating arm pain and suddenly went away, the next day the same arm (on my right side) was very shaky and felt weak (but it wasn't) then a muscle under my armpit felt tight as I constantly felt it. My thumb twitches every so often but I can control it, I also feel like I have something in my neck, it doesn't cause... (2 replies)
ALS symptoms?
Aug 12, 2011
... Thanks anxiousme, Hopefully you're right about it not being ALS. My legs (primarily right) have begun to be tight as well, as has my neck, but the tightness is in different muscles at different times (i.e. at one time my right calf will be tight, at another time my arm/shoulder will be tight, etc). And after I exercise (particularly if I get a good sweat going) I usually feel... (2 replies)

Apr 29, 2007
... They will occur in my clafs, in both the front and back of my thighs, in my stomach, lower jaw and arms and mainly in my right foot at the "ball" of my foot. My neck is always sore and at times feels like it takes alot of effort to hold my head up. This is constant. ... (1 replies)
... wow...i am experiencing the same exact symptoms...I had an EMG leg/arm and both were normal and am having difficulty swallowing along with neck pain and arm/shoulder pain except mine on right side...Lot of trouble holding up my head. Was looking at the internet and could this be Bulber ALS? They would need to do a tongue EMG. I am going to my neurologist tomorrow and asking... (2 replies)
Could This Be ALS?
Aug 21, 2005
... t completed subsided I suggested could be related to the ant. Also had one sided numbness, all the classics but only shocks whenI turned my head to the left not neck to chin. ... (9 replies)
ALS Possible?
Jan 8, 2005
... believes it is just BFS but sometimes I think I have weakness in my fingers and trouble moving them. I don't know if this is just mental since I read all of the symptoms on line and tell myself I am having them or if it is something more. ... (3 replies)
Als? please help
Mar 5, 2004
... hi lililu i also have a lot of the symtoms you describe except for i have a buring sensation in my right toe sometimes when i wake up my hands are curled up together and hurt bad and numb and tingling i have ddd in c2,3,4,5 and pinched nerve in c67 that was verified by mri and emg had series of 3 esi injections in the c67 to no avail had chiro and pt still hurting bad been to... (5 replies)
... Like I was telling you I had the exact same symptoms as you. I was tired of fighting doctors.. ... (13 replies)
Als symptoms?
Jul 2, 2015
... Your symptoms sound much more like radiculopathy or a pinched nerve in your neck. ... (2 replies)
... 1/6/2015 same burning/chills and tingling in feet pain in my leg and sometimes both legs, around joints and calf but sometimes in thighs too I had pain in arms and tingling feeling in my hands, My hands were also shaking I had pain and stiffness in my shoulders I had stiffness in my face, sometimes on the face, other times around mouth and neck and even forehead ... (4 replies)
Nov 2, 2007
... have seriously irritated nerves in my neck which my physio used to explain the weakness in my hands. I'm experiencing impaired sensation both hands now, and my hands feel stiff and lazy. ... (4 replies)
... ted a year ago when I had a very low low HIV risk with a woman. I've tested negative for HIV out to 11 months so I pretty sure I'm ok there. However, these weird symptoms are not going away and I'm worried that I focused to much on one thing when it could be something else. Please help. ... (1 replies)
... on 1/3/15 i had these symptoms: my feet get burning sensation than there are other times my feet feel cold Sometimes i feel like my feet or toes in general are numb my legs hurt, around my joints and lower leg and even my thighs(no cramping just pain) my arms also hurt my hands feel numb, more going into my fingers my lips feel stiff and numb (4 replies)
... s brandon im 25 year male My symptoms began about 2 months ago ive been have muscle twitching everywhere tripping over things like my legs feel like jello and my neck has been really stiff off and on. ... (13 replies)
... One other thing I forgot to mention. The problems in your upper body sound very similar to pinched nerve symptoms. Have you had any sort of accident that may have affected your neck? Have you every had any imaging on your cervical spine? If not, you may want to discuss that with the Dr you see. (2 replies)
Is this als ?
Sep 22, 2011
... I have many of the symptoms in your list ... ... (3 replies)
... Sounds like a GERD or reflux symptom. Gerd can effect your jaw, throat and neck areas. Any of you have reflux? ... (4 replies)
... I have GERD very bad and believe it or not I get pain in my jaws, neck, shoulders and down my left arm. I know of other people that get these symptoms also. ... (8 replies)
... I have no atrophy although my muscles seem to get sore easier. My neck has been in pain for about three months, also stiff, joints crack and pop, knees hurt. Went to neuro, did exam but did not recommend eMG or MRI. ... (2 replies)

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