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... Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and I would be so very grateful for any advice on how to mentally deal with waiting for a neurologist appointment. ... (3 replies)
... Hello James, thank you for replying. I am 42 and I know of no other cases of NMD in my family history. Then again, most cases of ALS appear to be sporadic. I agree that every day my muscles still work, athough sore and crampy, is a good sign, although it can probably take a few months from twitching onset for weakness to reveal itself. (3 replies)
... erson who had severe symptoms and such a diagnosis along with "collagen disease" as the doctor called it. He went through many tests and every doctor including a neurologist were quite puzzled especially after seeing his EEG. None of the meds helped. Later he went to a doctor who also used natural supplements along with one drug. ... (10 replies)

... It first started to be in one spot on one of my legs, now for the last month, it's happening to both legs in numerous spots constantly. I have a neurologist appointment in 3 weeks. I have had a lot of blood work done with nothing really showing. I am worried it could be something serious such as ALS or MS, or some other disease. ... (1 replies)
... The internet seems to do as much good as it does bad... From buying a car to exploring symptoms. Still, the look on the doctor's face has me concerned and the neurologist appointment waiting game is not making things any better. ... (1 replies)
... Hello MrDavid, 42 male and no history of NMD, is a good start. I am very familar with how you are feeling. You can go back and check out my past thread if yiu get bored. You are correct that the first symptom of ALS can be twitching. It is also extremely rare to present that way. I am sure you have researched BFS, CFS, MG and many of the other causes. I will say... (3 replies)
... Hello MrDavid, I saw noone has responded so I figured I would. Let me ask a couple of questions: What is your age and is there a history of neuromuscular diseases in your family history? It is very difficult waiting to see a specialist. I can tell you what will happen. They will do a clinical exam first. They will then send you for more extensive bloodwork, mriís... (3 replies)
... I've been to my PCP and got an MRI that came back perfectly clear. I have a neurologist appointment in 2 weeks but the stress and anxiety I'm putting on myself from fear is really hurting me. Can anyone give me some advice? ... (4 replies)
... Hi brandonfig;, I didn't notice any rambling at all. Thanks for sharing with us. Yes, that is what I wondered...if you are doing any better and if any changes have helped. To me it is a big deal to get off kolonopin. Congratulations, just because drugs usually have unwanted side effects. With each of my babies I noticed the significant weakness and tiredness of my... (10 replies)
... Hi jillian um u ask of any news i dont know what your refering to ??if its in regards to how im doing and my progress i would say i have a clearer mindstate i stopped taking my perscription kolonopin or clonezpam i think thats what its called its been 3 weeks since i have taken my last pill i use to rely on that so much for my health anxiety and depression with my als fears... (10 replies)
... Hi Brandon Any news? (10 replies)
... My mother had ALS so I'm very familiar with it. I began having severe muscle spasms and twitches (called fasciculations in medical terms) and like you was very worried. However, there is a condition called benign fasciculation syndrome. I have them all over my legs pretty much constantly and sometime in my arms and face. It's irritating and at first terrifying. I found... (10 replies)
... You are so very welcome, Brandon. I think you have good doctors that gave you good advice. I really do believe the odds are in your favor to be healthy, too. I understand fear of injuring myself or having disease. I was in a serious accident when I was young, many years ago, and many disconcerting symptoms came from it. I cannot stop and muse about any of my symptoms or I... (10 replies)
... Thankyou ,jillian i rally appreciate your kind words and motivational induldgement , ive seen 2 different nuerologists one 3 times and he keeps telling me you dont have als i would of caught something in your clinical exams , umn involvement , hyperflexia etc, or clinical weakness but you have none of these its been almost 8 months since my symptoms first started but im... (10 replies)
... Hey chuckstr im back from my nuerolgist i talk to him still about my concerns and fears of als and he said this is the 3rd time i been to see him and everytime i see him my clinical exam is perfect no brisk reflexes , no clinical weakness ,no atrophy ,and we talked about my emg that he never recieved because the nuerologist that performed the emg and that whole place are very... (10 replies)
... proving about the third or fourth day of the doxy treatment. After two weeks I ended my antibiotic treatment and I slowly started getting my symptoms back so my neurologist started me once again on Doxycycline this time for an 8 week run while waiting for an infectious disease specialist. ... (4 replies)
... rd since my symptoms began months ago. I would greatly appreciate any insight you could provide on my symptoms. After waiting almost three months to get into the neurologist I picked I had my appointment this week. ... (1 replies)
... The neurologist has run multiple blood tests. ... (3 replies)
... es and doing something. He is 75. He hasn't mentioned any weakness or twitching, just pain in the thigh. His general doctor is the one who referred him to the neurologist thinking it might be sciatica, and he DID have sciatica once before which had cleared up on its own. ... (6 replies)
... have some other issue in your nerves or muscles as indicated by the irritation the first neuro saw. Or the finding is incidental, due to the neurologist having the needle in the endplate or due to background noise. ... (5 replies)

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