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... I also have slight numbness over most of my body esp above the neck and below both knees. Sarcoid is only affecting my lungs at this point so the numbness can't be an issue unless it's neurosarcoid which is extremely rare and they didn't find it on my ct scan. Is there numbness involved at all in ALS? ... (1 replies)
... that began on my left cheekbone. My doc diagnosed a sinus infection and put me on antibiotics. A day later the numbness spread down my cheek around the jaw line and into my lip, and down my left arm. ... (1 replies)
... t, it was more of a pins and needles feeling. In the next few days it involved my right arm..elbow to hand...then my left leg and left arm in the same areas. The numbness would last most of the day for several hours at a time. I then began having some numbness in m back as well as some far spaced bee sting feelings. ... (0 replies)

... I'm a 35 year old male. Been having some neuro symptoms for 11 months now. Mainly numbness in head and mental fog. Had 2 MRI's, showed small white spots in cerebellum. ... (9 replies)
... s ago I came down with a undetermined viral infection. I had canker soars in the back of my throat, extreme fatique, head aches, mild fever, loose stools, and a numbness and tingling started in my right foot and weakness in my left thumb. Noticed this most during the bouts of extreme fatique. This lasted about 2 months. ... (5 replies)
... numb feeling in BOTH hands, and has tripped a few times due to right leg giving out! ALL IN A WEEK!! Doc said that numbness is not a symptom of ALS and that it is odd to be stable for a little over a year and a half and then for all this to happen in a week. ... (2 replies)
Early Symptoms?
Jan 13, 2013
... but more like I had been given a mild anesthetic. After about two weeks the numbness has mostly gone but both of my forearms get fatigued really easily, almost like I have done an extensive workout. My triceps tend to feel overexerted as well. ... (0 replies)
... I am a 39 yr old healthy female. I developed tingling and numbness in my feet about 2 months ago. ... (3 replies)
Jun 29, 2007
... Teresa, I just wanted to let you know that I have been going through all the same symptoms as you, and so far I am just classified as having anxiety (which I already knew), LOL. But in any case, I just wanted to let you know that I to get twitching, mostly in my rt foot, calf & upper thigh. However I also get facial numbness, but my Doc thinks that is more to do with TMJ. I... (11 replies)
... About 3 weeks ago, the tip of my ring finger became numb. There has been some slight tingling in it as well. I notice it when typing, and find that the numbness varies in severity. ... (3 replies)
... ar in my ears. They thought heart related did cath nothing.. I have also noticed slight muscle twitching on right calf, right hamstring andleft hamstring, slight numbness or riggt calf comes and goes,facial itching at night especially around nose, now I have lump sensation on throat again like something is stuck.... ... (2 replies)
... ch arm and my right arm seemed a little weaker. But that may have been from fatigue as I am continually exercising and poking around on it. I have noticed some numbness in the middle toes of my left foot but still work out on the treadmill as before the symptoms started. ... (0 replies)
... Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Im very scared and alone. I would love to get your opinions on this. I make it in chronological order. Late March: - Pain in ankles on waking ( overlooked, I am overweight) - Off and on vertigo - Smell strange odors, others couldn't smell Early April: - Weird sensation in both legs - Tingling, kind of numb like... (9 replies)
... weeks, or months....often disappearing. From my knowledge, ALS doesn't cause numbness and tingling like MS. ALS is weakness, muscle atrophy, twitching that doesn't go away, major weight loss depending how fast it hits. ... (2 replies)
Pls Help
May 9, 2011
... Everything started 4 months ago.I felt numbness on my head and on my right arm for 3 days.Then i went to neorology doctor and she wanted some blood test coz she had doubt about b12. ... (2 replies)
... Thanks for the feedback. ALS is such a terrible disease and it is overwhelming to think about. Your comments helped alleviate some of my concerns, but I still have many questions for my next appointment. I think the unknown is what makes this so difficult. I will ask about a cervical spine MRI. What are they looking for with this? Did this help in your diagnosis? I will... (3 replies)
... A second opinion is wise. I just wanted to let you know that I have MS and my mother had ALS. With her ALS, she never experienced numbness and tingling. She had weakness, muscle fasciculations and muscle atrophy. With MS, numbness and tingling are common. There are MANY neurological disorders. ... (3 replies)
... n me months of searching and researching and I finally realized that my numbness, weakness, tingling, dizziness etc was due to my receiving the H1N1 vaccine. The numbness started in my legs the night after I received the vaccine. ... (5 replies)
... ying, and at times, my legs feel like they weigh 8,ooo pounds. I have also had really bad muscle spasms in my scapular area, bicep, and forearm. I have also had numbness of both upper extremities, and then today, I had extreme, numbness,and weakness of my left arm. It is a serious effort for me to type this. ... (0 replies)
... Went to Italy in November. Came back with very violent rash (looked like scabs) on legs, arms and chest. Then began experiencing numbness/tingling in both feet and hands in December. Got MRI/CAT scan. Ruled out for MS by neurologist. After the numbness and tingling went away, began experiencing tight feeling of "bands" around both elbows with muscle fasciculations in... (1 replies)

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