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... of it. Supposedly, many men before them did as well.....but, the years in history before the time my grandfather was alive, they weren't really able to diagnose ALS yet. ... (5 replies)
Sound like ALS?
Aug 29, 2014
... and is relentlessly is also clinical weakness, measurable by any competent neurologist. Other hallmarks of ALS are pathologically brisk reflexes and muscle wasting. It sounds like you showed none of these on exam by a neurologist, so ALS is very, very unlikely. ... (8 replies)
... I have looked a lot into ALS because of my symptoms, and generally, the twitching comes after the muscle weakness. Also, spasm are not a sign of ALS. ... (13 replies)

Could This Be ALS?
Aug 27, 2005
... (9 replies)
... Since March 2003, I have been experiencing painful muscle and joint pain in my legs and arms. ... (9 replies)
... th my left leg.And to top it off,I noticed yesterday in the mirror,that behind my ankles look completely sunk in,not to mention the consatnt twitching in my feet and calves...What else could this be? ... (23 replies)
... sure what your insurance situation is, but if you want to put your mind at ease you can make an appointment with a neurologist. They will do a quick test of your reflexes and your strength. ... (22 replies)
... all remember me but my name is Brandon and it all started with muscle twitching all over about 8 months ago but now I have the "constant twitch" that I can't see and my leg is getting stiffer and it's got this constant tickly feeling all the way down to my foot it's not tingling just feels like a tickle.... ... (40 replies)
... Mike, If I understood my husbands Dr right it is where the reflexes are stronger than normal. When he checked my husband's reflexes they really jumped. ... (2 replies)
... If u have had a recent EMG then goes directly opposite of it. Basically my Dr. who sees a lot of ALS said of 100's of ALS patients just never happens with a normal EMG. ... (122 replies)
Is this als ?
Sep 21, 2011
... mend getting a definite diagnosis before treating your condition. You are right about antibiotics possible making it worse. A lot of people insisted I had Lyme and suggested I start antibiotics....I do not have Lyme, I have MS. Taking antibiotics would exaccerbate my MS symptoms. Please don't treat until you know. ... (3 replies)
... Operaghost gave some sound rationale advice. You are correct though, you know the chance of it being ALS is about the same as a meteorite striking you, however you can't help the way you feel. ... (22 replies)
... As you have probably read, all the sensory symptoms point away from ALS. ALS is about failing, not feeling. Typically it presents by suddenly not being able to perform a simple task such as turning a key. ... (10 replies)
... My experience with ALS is from my mom. ... (1 replies)
... Based on what I've read, your doctors comments are accurate. My experience with ALS is from my mom. ... (11 replies)
... No, although exhibiting some of the same symptoms, ALS and BFS are two distinctly separate illnesses. ... (14 replies)
... I am freaking out worried about my father in law. For about a month he's been complaining about an intermittent sharp pain in the buttock and the back of the thigh, which he says is eased by rest but gets numb after sitting awhile so he has to get up and walk around again. ... (2 replies)
... My husband started having tingling and cramping in his left hand about nine months ago. He works in the computer field, so we assumed it was Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. ... (14 replies)
... After the emg test came back abnormal, blood test normal, physical reflexes seemed normal, and muscle biopsy was good, I too became concerned about ALS. I went back to the clinic and my neuro every six months. ... (14 replies)
Do I have ALS?
Jan 26, 2004
... prone, but he seems arrogant and condescending so I don't fully buy the anxiety bit. ... (1 replies)

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