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... Muscle weakness and fasciculations can mean so many things. ... (2 replies)
... thanks a lot for this. i wish i had had the courage to read this post when i was having some major issues with twitching a week or two ago. i had practically convinced myself i had ALS. the anxiety probably just made my twitching worse. it is gradually subsiding and has become easier to manage. (10 replies)
... Another thing I forgot to tell you is that my neurologist told me that with ALS, fasciculations are the last thing that usually happens with the disease... ... (10 replies)

... Hi. The problem does not sound like ALS. However, if you wanted to get a double check on that from your doctor it would not hurt anything. Stress and Anxiety can definitely cause similiar symptoms. ... (5 replies)
... That is so helpful. Thank you. From your description mine definitely sounds like BFS. I have been under a lot of stress lately. ... (10 replies)
... or from stress and anxiety. Also from perhaps a low thyroid. Which I do have hypothyrodism. I am going to have my doc check my thyroid level. ... (10 replies)
... I am almost 40 now. I thought I had ALS and all of those neuro diseases as well. You know what, I don't even pay attention to them anymore. If you research stress and anxiety you will see that this is a common symptom of both. WHen I am really stressed, my muscle really twitch a lot, especially the legs and arms. ... (5 replies)
... Many people experiencing these symptoms fear they may have ALS or MS. A simple clinical rule is that fasciculations in relaxed muscle are never indicative or motor system disease unless there is an associated weakness, atrophy, or reflex change. ... (14 replies)
Typical of ALS?
Dec 7, 2004
... Hello, for the last year or so I have been having quite a few fasciculations in my body. I went to a neurologist last year for a different problem, mentioned the fasciculations to him, and he said it was BFS. ... (2 replies)
... months ago I did notice that my back, neck and shoulders had a horrible burning sensation that lasted a long time. It still happens regularly and depends on my stress levels etc. ... (1 replies)
... That's highly unlikely to be onset of ALS. Probably related to the stress or you being hypothyroid... You describe twitches and not fasciculations and there is no atrophy... For a peace of mind try to get an appointment with a neurologist. ... (7 replies)
... St3tha59....Take a deep breath and relax....A week of muscle twitching does not mean ALS. It could be anything from anytype of neurological disease to just stress to low levels of magenesium/calcium to just plain benign fasciculations. With ALS there is always weakness as the motor neurons are not functioning. Although ALS can strike at any age most are in the 50 to 60 y/o age... (2 replies)

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