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Feb 11, 2007
... Around January 1, 2007 felt fluish and lower quads felt overworked,fatigued. At or about the same time ankle pain in both arches and "tingling" sensations on botom of left foot and same but to less extent on right foot. Feet also began to feel very cold both on the inside and the out, if that makes sense. ... (0 replies)
... Hard large bump on left arm, was very painful until I took muscle relaxer. ... (1 replies)
... Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Im very scared and alone. I would love to get your opinions on this. I make it in chronological order. ... (9 replies)

Strange symptom
Mar 5, 2016
... I have been experiencing a very strange symptom and I was hoping that someone on these boards could identify it. Basically, if I rub a specific section of skin on my body I can also feel a sensation in another part of the body. ... (1 replies)
... Since I came on this board last time, i have been to the emergency room , a walk in clinic and seen my regular doctor. ... (9 replies)
Aug 22, 2004
... This past week, I have been experiencing numbness and tingling that started in both my feet and both my hands, which has now transmitted to the entire left side of my body. Is numbness and tingling symptoms of ALS? ... (19 replies)
... s MS shows if your symptomatic and I was possibly showing some symptoms. After the MRI he was happy it was not MS. I also had a huge range of blood tests CBC,s Immunity tests etc. all of which were clear. ... (5 replies)
... Maybe the symptom of indigestion. Do you usually eat hard to digest food before this starts? ... (10 replies)
... t attribute to anything. I've had a lot of blood work done that came back within in normal limits. I had an MRI to rule out MS, which was fine. ... (5 replies)
... scaring me to death. I've done some research, and I'm still not entirely sure what they could be. I thought perhaps Lupus, and actually did a very similar post on the Lupus board, but it now seems a little less likely. ... (10 replies)
Oct 18, 2004
... My husband's symptoms began with numbness, tingling, and cramping in his left hand. We originally thought he had Carpal Tunnel syndrome. ... (19 replies)
Aug 26, 2004
... My husband's first symptoms were numbness and tingling in his left hand. We thought he had Carpal Tunnel syndrome. This gradually became worse and he would experience cramping also. ... (19 replies)
... (9 replies)
... About two weeks ago I became very ill. I didnt have much of an apetite and had trouble sleeping. I went to the hospital and they said it was the stomach flu. ... (9 replies)
Aug 12, 2004
... ill other than the occasional cough or runny nose that usually resolves itself in a day or two. I have had past problems with both depression and anxiety and was on Zoloft for about 2 and half years. It's been about a year and half now since I've been off it. ... (1 replies)
... The tingling in you arm may be caused by carpel tunnel. ... (10 replies)
... it would be tough for me to start with all the symptoms but it all started with strep throat in late October. I never really felt like I got out of the woods with it and felt tired and achy following the antibiotics. Since that time I have experienced discomfort in the chest area ... a sore left shoulder ... ... (8 replies)
... Unfortunately, for the last few weeks I've been showing signs of ALS. I'll make this as short as I can. About four weeks ago I started twitching. It was mainly in my left shoulder and right knee. ... (4 replies)

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