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... was fine for the rest of the day. The next day, I woke up and I had slight weakness and fatigue in my left arm and my left leg, they felt heavy, and my arm felt like it was pulling down every time I tried to lift it. ... (7 replies)
Could this be ALS?
Oct 29, 2005
... I have become frantic in my search for what is causing these symptoms. First started with pain similar to toothache pain in both legs, Progressed to tremors in legs and pins and needles in hands and feet. ... (18 replies)
... Nexium, Xanax, Clonodine for BP, Clonazepam, Amitryptiline and Lortab for pain. This twitching all started almost a year ago after the birth of my first child. Does anyone know what to make of the EMG showing a mild myopathy? ... (9 replies)

... mth629 I am sorry about your mother's diagnosis. Last week after many months of wondering what was wrong with my mother she was diagnosed with ALS. ... (6 replies)
... a new symptom has been on going I've started having muscle twitches or facilitations in my legs mostly but some in my arms too.. when I'm sitting still it feels like theres a tingling inside my muscles and the just always feel heavy and useless. ... (3 replies)
... one eye he smiled...and that was heart warming. the day i had to say goodbye was the hardest but being there and comforting them is the best way you want them to feel safe and secure during thier ending period in thier life. ... (21 replies)
... said It is Medical and the other said Quit your job, it is makeing your Medical Condition worse. Now I asked myself what medical condition, no one told me about any medical condition? ... (6 replies)
... worry can and and does create symptoms like what you experience. Fear and worry and inactivity often causes nerve twitching, muscle tightness, cramping, fatigue, muscle spasms, and much more. ... (10 replies)
Als? please help
Mar 1, 2004
... fork. my right ankle felt it the most, when I drive my car, my foot just does not want to apply pressure to the brake, an action normally not thought about has actually become an effort. ... (5 replies)
... I feel bad for anyone going thru this scary ordeal of wondering. It's terrifying to say the least. ... (7 replies)
... l. The most common presentation is tripping because of a single foot not lifting properly or a single hand not being able to do buttons for instance. People with ALS report that their muscles don't "feel" weak, they are weak. ... (2 replies)
... MG and NCS showed that I had tongue wasting and twiching and weakness in chin and neck and that this and all the other results confirmed that I have ALS, it felt like the ground had just been pull from underneith me. ... (12 replies)
... pack and antihistamines. I feel this is CRITICAL to when his symptoms started worsening. His hands, could have been arthritis up to this point, in my opinion. After that, he never felt right. ... (2 replies)
... I am sorry for what you have been going through. It is heartbreaking to see those we love suffer so much. ... (6 replies)
My Fathar...
Mar 29, 2004
... ppening at a much more frequent rate than he was letting on. I heard him make comments on it but nobody thought anything about it. And since than I had no idea what was made of it since I diddnt hear my mothers and his conversations. ... (2 replies)
... octor immediately sent him to Mass General. They diagnosed him there. That was 13 years before my father was diagnosed. The same family doctor knew right away what my father had but sent him to Mass General to be diagnosed. If the doctor has seen cases of ALS before then I would feel confident. ... (17 replies)
Please help
Oct 1, 2008
... My husband died of ALS 8 years ago. His symptoms started with twitching in his back and then down both arms and before you know it, all over. ... (26 replies)
Could this be ALS?
May 25, 2007
... said there was no need to continue. The only other things I can report as far as symptoms were that he had a lot of mucous, and difficulty bringing it up, felt like he was choking, and near the end, I could see the twitching, even as I held his hand while he passed. ... (18 replies)
... I am frighten as I recently began feeling a strange "ache" in my left quad 1 week ago. I hadn't exercised at all recently and found it very curious. since then I feel that I have also felt weakness in my right bicep and then followed days later in my left bicep muscle. ... (3 replies)
Aug 13, 2012
... Ask your MD about Bell's Palsy. (5 replies)

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