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Hi. Yes, you did answer a couple of my posts and when I said I learned one or two things I did not already know, one was from your post re craniosacral therapy. I did some reading online about it but am unsure right now about with route to take for my current condition which is the post nasal drip.

Rage of Angels-

I agree that many people want quick solutions to their problems. Many people are selfish and just come on to look for an answer to their problem but do not want to dedicate any time to helping others out. I enjoy sharing my experiences and helping others as much I like getting advice to my questions. I just think it's wonderful that we all can communicate from all around the world and share our conditions and remedies with one another.

There are several people on these boards that actually take the time to give advice to others and share their knowledge. I am very much into herbal supplements and vitamins and I am always looking for new natural remedies.

In respect to the same questions being asked over and over, I have noticed that too and I think sometimes it is because the topics people post are very vague, like ex. "sick feeling, allergies". Something like that does not tell me a lot and I have to open it and read through and see if it has anything to do with my condition or area of expertise. I try to be as specific as possible with my topics so people will know what I am asking before they click on the topic.


From what docs have told me, the PND is caused by the allergic rhinitis, which can very well be true because I am quite allergic.

My eating habits are very healthy. Living in a big city, tap water is out of the question, it's bottled water and lots of it (since I am in Arizona). That is one thing to do for the PND. Then I take supplements every day along with a proper diet of vegetables, I prefer dried fruit over fresh, oatmeal, fish, and grains. I love health food and try to keep my sugar and fat intake very low. I hardly ever drink alcohol and do not smoke cigarettes. I am not overweight. My only weakeness is stress and lack of exercise. Other than walking up my stairs to my house or at work, I rarely get to the gym. Evryone keeps telling me I will have more energy and less stress if I work out but because of the stress from work, I am too tired to go the gym.(I have a membership but don't use it).

I do drink green tea with ginseng. I never heard of aloe vera mixed in water. Where do you get the aloe vera? Can you buy it as an oil or do you use natural aloe vera leaves?

I do try to eat foods high in vitamins and I love fresh garlic and onion.

As for the vitamin C, I have heard that high doses can cause kidney stones and diarreah but I do not think I am taking too much (usually 1000-2000mg per day).

Thanks for all the advice. Take care...

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