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Because it's an acid that's attacking the wart. It's weird how it works. You can leave it on healthy skin for a long time and it doesn't attack it nearly the same. For some reason it really goes after warts. But wart roots tend to be wrapped around nerve endings in our skin, which is why it's such a painful process.

I have a really bad one in the nail bed of my finger. I've had it for several years now. It's not the usual type of finger wart. It's a virus I've had since a kid that started on my foot. I think I caught it at a swimming pool. Anyway, I've had it frozen off with liquid nitrogen twice at the doctor's office and the bugger STILL grew back. Not to mention it was so painful to freeze that my hand turned into a nasty red "claw" for about a day after each treatment. So I gave up on that. I've tried ACV and it does a really good job of burning off layer after layer. But like you said, it still hurts. And you have to stick with it for a long time. I've also tried peroxide and I've tried high quality tea tree oil. They have nearly identical results. All too painful for me to stick with long enough, unfortunately. But you sure do see it working! I just recently read that coconut oil will help get rid of warts, so I'm going to give that a shot. I have no other options, and nothing to lose by trying it. Apparently it makes the skin dry up and flake off. Sounds like it may be less painful. I sure hope so!
Try slicing a clove of garlic lengthwise and tape it to the wart. Maybe over a weekend or when you're not going to be around other people. I had a wart in my 20's on the ball of my foot and then another one on my index finger knuckle. It doesn't work overnight but when the warts disappeared they never came back.

I didn't know about clay yet way back then, but if you have calcium bentonite clay I would also glob it on the wart on a regular basis, wrap it it and leave it to dry. I had a number of things disappear for me with topical use of clay.

If the vinegar hurts the wart, I would continue using it as well!
There are so many different methods, but they work different for everyone you really have to try them all until you find one that works for you and your skin type. I have tried tea tree oil and that didn't work, I tried the aloe gel that didn't work. I am trying garlic oil (really garlic you need to be careful because it will burn the health skin around the wart and you will have to stop treatment to heal that) found out the hard way hurts really bad and it was only on my skin for 15 minutes. So I have been using gaclic oil pills 3 times a day (which takes a long time) but it did make them smaller and got rid of one after 4 weeks. The only down fall is you smell really bad.

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