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I was told to not take the cod liver oil with food because it can neutralize its absorption effect. It is one teaspoon a day with 2,267 international units of Vitamin A, so I am thinking with all of the other supplements that contain Vitamin A and breakfast cereal I have (the cereal is 100% RDA of Vitamin A), that I am simply getting too much.

I am not going up as high as 6,000 milligrams of Vitamin C because if I ever have to stop for any reason, I am pretty sure I will get rebound scurvy (I have very thin blood, and bleed easily and profusely).

I did try the stopping for a while and that is how I know it was the cod liver oil. Two of the others I started back up were fine.

Thank you all for your concern. Just anxious about having to bring this up with her but if you think she will not be upset, I will feel a little more confident about doing so.

Lindaru :)

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