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... I agree, if you have trapped gas you need digestive enzymes. The real question is, what is causing your gas. Do you get bloated, as well as gassy? ... (9 replies)
... what to do for trapped gas in your body (0 replies)
... what is trapped gas (1 replies)

... Hope it's not too late to make a recommendatio here. If you ever have trapped gas again, get some activated charcoal tabs or capsules. It works like magic. ... (9 replies)
... gonna sound like a simple solution but who knows if it will help... lay on your stomach.. pull your knees up to your chest (like your kneeling with your butt on your heels and your chest on your knees) and stretch your arms over up along the floor above your head... its how i get rid of trapped gas and how my husband did when he had his surgery (9 replies)
... Along with what Katee suggested, I'd get some good probotics in your system and enzymes, trapped gas is sometimes related to good bacteria or enzymes needed. ... (9 replies)
... I had a Lithotripsy 3 weeks ago to pulverize a kidney stone. Since then, I still have trapped gas in my stomach, ribs and back. It's so uncomfortable. ... (9 replies)
... Try some chewable acidophilus in the morning. I take garlic in pill form and it gives me severe gas:eek:. If I chew 1-2 tablets of acidophilus an hour or so before taking the garlic, it really does help.... I use Natures Bounty purchased at CVS. (1 replies)
... ttack ever. All I can figure is, it might have come on because of the big glass of orange juice I drank earlier in the day. It was burning and I could feel the trapped gas. All I wanted to do was burp and I couldn't, LOL. I resorted to my chewable antacids and it finally calmed down after a few hours. ... (1 replies)
... It is air that is usually swallowed and remains in the stomach--- and not passed upward or downward. It can be very uncomfortable by putting pressure on your heart and other organs. (1 replies)
... RefluxAway from NaturalCare helped me a lot. It's partly homeopathic. (9 replies)
... Hey Chill: Thanks for the info. I don't need it now, but I recommended active charcoal to a friend of mine who's having surgery next week. Thanks again for posting.;) (9 replies)
... flaxseed oil? I dont know how a probiotic would help this. I would first make sure my bowel was ok. Then I would try flaxseed and you can take a pectin capsule.Drink a lot of cold water and Good luck. During this time until your bowel returns to normal it would probably be a good idea not toeat refined or processed foods or a lot of carbonated beverages Probably stay away... (9 replies)
... Thanks Vanima. I'll try that. To drs, I've tried Enzymatic pearls which did nothing and Culturelle which also did nothing. I don't have a clue which probiotic to try next. Any recommendations? Do the Digestive Advantage products help? I've been taking Citrucel twice a day and still manage to be constipated. I'm so tired of dealing with all of this.:confused: (9 replies)
... Thanks guys. (9 replies)

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