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Gallstone remedy
Feb 18, 2004
... I got an ultrasound and was in the hospital the next day scheduled to have the operation just hours later. I was hooked to IV and everything. Then a specialist comes down to see me before the operation... ... (16 replies)
Dec 22, 2004
... minutes. Then after it was over, he told me I was now back in my body again. He almost welcomed me back to the world. It was odd. He told me to be mellow for the next couple days because I don't want to knock myself out of balance again. And I see him again next week. ... (7 replies)
... yes canti/joe is a good answer. another enviromental trigger not widely accepted is wireless. i have gone through electric company to to disable the wireless comms(but the health world say it is safe so not disabling) as it appears to trigger -1. month long sinus, 2. inflamed collar bone, 3. muscle/bone pain. if i move out of area of signal path(RF detector) the discomfort... (10 replies)

... t away. However, when I was trying to go to sleep, my head was spinning, so I took some Benadryl and everything was fine. ...I was lightheaded off and on for the next two days, only Advil made it stop. I thought it was my period, even though I hadn't had that symptom before. ... (10 replies)
... hours straight if nothing exterior happens to wake me up. If I do not sleep enough, it will make me feel worse during the course of the next day. ... (17 replies)
... The next day, Tuesday, Jan 20st, I woke up and for the very first time in many weeks, absolutely no pain! I could not have been happier. No pain!!! ... (2 replies)
... suddenly i tasted blood in my mouth so i panic and felt hell doors wide open...bleeding didn't last but i did panic all day and i felt a headache at night...the next day of curse i didn't drink ginkgo and i throw in the garbage but i also had a bleeding issue and tasted it blood in my mouth. ... (1 replies)
... t day, you can take that same small amount, if you feel okay again, up the dose, if any symptoms occur eliminate the supplement and just let your ND know at your next appointment... ... (16 replies)
... gluten to work itself out of my body enough for me to notice, but once it did, eating any amount would make me hurt so bad I could barely get out of bed the next day. It took months for me to be able to comprehend complicated books again, and I'm still not at the level I was 15 years ago. ... (16 replies)
... hr. after taking the morning dose of ParNix. Then a cleansing tea at night to sweep everything out of the system the next morning, this way everything was eliminated and cleaned out daily, along with plenty of water. ... (54 replies)
... eep. Chamomile is the mildest, but also doesn't always do the trick. Valerian is probably the best, but in large enough quantities, can give you a headache the next day. In normal doeses, it works great. ... (13 replies)
... I have trouble falling asleep at night and my doctor has prescribed Ambien. It seems to work for me sometimes except I am still tired from it the next day and fall asleep in the mid afternoon!! NOT GOOD FOR ME, because I have kids. I have also tried benadryl and the same thing.... ... (13 replies)
... ave more energy. Didn't really belive all claims but girl bought a bottle as she had tried to have a baby for 6 or 7 years and low and behold she was taking test next month went to dr. ... (18 replies)
... My father is only one of thousands of farmers who grow their crop as seeds that will be sold to other farmers in order to grow their crops the next year. And he sells these seed beans by the hundred weight, hauling wagons and wagons full of seeds to the seed company each year. ... (25 replies)
Oct 16, 2005
... it converts into 5 HTP in your brain and there is no hang over the next mornng. I have tried 5 HTP and know what you mean by the dowsy feeling the next day. My holistic Dr. suggested the trpyrophan for lack of sleep and depression. She feels it is the best. ... (27 replies)
... I get my next 2 fillings replaced next Friday. ... (2 replies)
... pads placed down the middle of my back. There are five different types of pulsations, so I intent to vary them, one at a time over the next hour. I am using a very high pulse speed. ... (74 replies)
... I don't have TMJ. I have a back problem. Well, not really a back problem as I had prolotherapy. I am not sure what I have. I have a knot in the dimple right above my right buttock cheek. It hurts like heQQ. I can't even wear clothes without it hurting. Tonight I had my husband feel it. It is about a quarter of an inch around. I am not sure if it is a nerve or a vein. Tomorrow,... (15 replies)
... they will feel uncomfortable to a down right tearful pain while pressing on them. Use a finger to apply pressure, you can do a little today, then some more the next day. ... (15 replies)
St johns wort
Oct 16, 2003
... use, this drug was advertised all over the place. Other than vitiamens, I would be willing to bet that this recieved as much as 10 times the advertisment as the next nine combined for the next year. Much of this was based on this drugs treatment for depression in Germany. ... (7 replies)

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