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Hi Margaret,
I can sure relate!! My father is just in the beginning of Alzheimers but has severe dementia....along with being very independant. He is 89. He has seizures and here in Michigan that means no liscense until you are 6 months seizure free. Howeveer having no licence made no different to him. He did just what he wanted. He got picked up, car impounded and luckily just driven home...he thought that was great....they even gave him a ride in the front of the squad car. We got his car home and went to court. He plead guilty, paid $250 and was very sorry......well lo and behold a week later he forgot all about this incident and his warnings and off he went....this time I called the police. I had the neighbors inform me if he left. Anyway to make a long story short ..I had to have the police go to the house and tell him they knew he was driving and demand he get rid of the car. I know it is tough but it is for their good and the safety of others. I know exactly what you are going thru. Hang tough!!! My prayers are with you.

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