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My 81 year old Mom was diagnosed with AD about 3 years ago. Her memory is about nonexsistent. She has myclonic jerking on her right side. She is ambulatory, but needs help changing clothes, bathing, eating with utensils,etc.

Other than falling more often than normal, she has shown no other symptoms.

Yesterday, after her bath, Mom apparently had a seizure. Dad said she had jerking motions, stiffened up, vomitted, and then went unconscious for 10-15 minutes. She was admitted to the ER and they did blood and urine tests and a CAT scan. Everything came back fine.

We are trying to figure out if seizures are a part of AD. The Dr at the ER hedged the question and said that it could be part of any dementia, since the brain cells are dying off.

This is not one of the symptoms that I am familiar with in my 3 years of reading about the stages of AD. Has anyone had a LO with AD who has also experienced seizures? If so, in what stage of the disease did it first manifest itself?

The anti-seizure meds they gave her at the hospital have made her very confused and disoriented, more so than normal. I hate to see her cognitive skills get even worse than they are, and now due to medicine.

All comments appreciated!!!

It is my understanding that a small percentage of AD patients can have seizures, perhaps only 10%, but there may be other causes in certain individuals, so it is best to check it out with his physician. Or you can go to your search engine, type in 'Alzheimers + seizures' and see what comes up there. Take care.

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