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Re: Down
Mar 9, 2005
Thank you girls ..but I'm not quite singing yet .. we still have to get through today and tomorrow early morning.

This AM as I was leaving the house Mm got up, earlier than usual, 6AM. I was bundled up to the eyeteeth with 16 degree F temperature and lots of ice on the streets. Mom said. "are you wearing your scarf?" (still a Mom after all!) and I said, "yes, and I advise you to take a taxi to the center today."

"I'm going to the Center?"

"Well, you can go or stay home when Candy comes. It's up to you."

Then I said, reassuringly, "this ice and snow is going to be gone by your flight tomorrow, don't worry. All the backed up flights will get out today. You'll be fine.''

Mom: "I'm going on a flight?"

Again, shocked and unbelieving! Bill shakes his head often and says, "don't you KNOW she has dementia? Why are you shocked every time?" and I know no answer. Maybe because she seemed so normal, worrying about me wearing a scarf??

"Yes, Mom you're going to OHIO tomorrow!"

Then left for work.

Why is this so difficult for me? Why can't I accept this blank looking face is my Mom in disguise?

More tomorrow ..I hope a happy report of good flight and happy reunions ..



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