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Re: Moving Mom
Apr 8, 2005
Hi Friends,

Sally I hope all is well down under!

Mom's substitute aide is now going to stay! We are all happy about that. Yesterday the nurse from the Agency that sends out the home health aides came for her monthly visit, at 8:30 AM (she called the night before.) Mom's BP is OK, and she said she was satisfied with the new Aide, "Esther." However, The nurse told me later on the phone that Mom had NOT TAKEN any of the 5 pills I laid out for her before leaving for school.

I hope she is not routinely forgetting them now. I suggested that when Esther arrives at 9 every day, she will have to make sure the pills are not still on the table.

But the time could come when Mom just throws them out instead of swallowing them. Before I began putting them out for her, when she was still taking the morning's supply out of a dated pill holder, she often left one in the box, one on the floor etc.

And she is supposed to take them with food, not a couple of hours later.

I am really looking forward to the time that Mom is at Bill and Anna's house and can eat breakfast and take her medicines in their presence.

By the way, buying a new house / selling their present house is going to take 3 to 6 months time. They will not be able to move her directly into the new home, but they will all move together when the time comes. In a way this is good since Mom is expecting to go to live in their present house which she knows well. Any further moves will be worked out by them, after I am off in the Midwest!

I got through the week .. 10 to go (I had mistakenly counted 10 from last week, but it was 11 ) ... weekend coming up. Weekends are the hardest, 24 hours of non stop Momcare.

Keep in touch!



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