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Mom's bad day
May 10, 2005
Hi everyone.

Mom has been deteriorating slowly, but today I think she took a large turn for the worse. Maybe another mini stroke occurred in the night?

Her Aide for 6 weeks, Esther, said when I got home from work, "Your Mom had a REALLY REALLY bad day. CONFUSED. Got into an argument with someone at the Center. Tried to get off the bus 4 stops too soon. Although we had planned to go swimming and skip the Center, Mom insisted she HAD to go there (not so). Asked same Qs over and over again and didn't understand the answers. IS YOUR MOM ON ARICEPT!?

I have to add that when Esther first came, 6 weeks or so ago, she thought Mom was 'bright' and 'an easy patient.' Later her opinion changed to 'a little forgetful' and now "She must have Alzheimer's." This is only an LPN but one with many years of experience.

Sunday night on our way home, my brother stopped at his house to drop his wife off before the 30 min drive here, and cut us a lovely large branch off his lilac bush. Lilacs have always been Mom's and my favorite flower. It scented the house beautifully all day Monday ..and this morning Mom threw it out.

I said where's the lilacs? Did you donate them to the Center? or give them to someone else (she often does this) NOOO, they were all wilted, and all the flowers falling off. This is not so. Esther said I saw them in the trash and took it down, thinking someone must be allergic to them, they were perfect, fresh.

I was so disappointed! In my 'previous life' I had lilac bushes in both white and lavendar and always had vases full in the house in Spring the one and only branch was just tossed by the imposter pretending to be my Mom - who LOVED flowers! Thank God it wasn't a $60 bouquet from the florist!!

I am saddened by losing the flowers, worse by her confusion, argument with someone, and forgetting her plans for the day .. she also stinks right now.

I guess step by step we are getting to a stage where no one can take her seriously any more, and she cannot be allowed to stay home alone ..what if she threw out my passport or her own rings instead of these flowers? Maybe she already has!

Not a horrific story of violence like Sally's, but nevertheless scary and depressing.

By the way, our sister gave B a 'strong maybe' on the October MOM-sitting week! A strong maybe? That's as good as a weak no!

Meanwhile, my 'sentence' left to be served is exactly 4 weeksand 5 days ....



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