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dear sally - my parents have been married 57 years and my dad is in the final stages of alzheimers. unfortunately my mom just won't accept the inevitable, that dad will one day leave us for good. she had built a wall around her and just keeps thinking that everything will be fine like it was before. we recently almost lost my dad and against his doctor's better judgement she insisted on inserting a peg feeding tube in dad. he said the tube would only prolong the disease. I have such mixed feelings about this subject. two weeks later he is now better again and home again. she thinks he will be good as new, like he was years ago. but he is still always confused...this is so sad, because they have had such a wonderful life together and she just doesn't want to live without him. she refused to let go a couple of weeks ago when he nearly died. he was put into the hospital with bad dehydration due to going hours without eating, due to his sleeping all the time with his illness. it seems like a no win situation, this horrible disease. how did you handle your parents?

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