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Barb, do take care of yourSELF too! Get your thyroid medicine sorted out. My friend in Germany has been on it since removal of her thyroid gland due to enlargement ... and it is always a battle to get it 'just right'. I never made the connection between hair loss and thyroid, but she has very very thin hair.

My sister wrote: she has had some intestinal infection for a week and lost 8 pounds. In my case it would be great, I could lose 10 or more ..but she is already thin due to glucose intolerance (celiac) and is very weak and debilitated by this illness. They may not come to NY at all.

Also, B and A move to F'dale on JUNE 6. That's the Monday after E's high school 50 year reunion. The day she wanted to go out to eat with all of us. They will not be going!

I have to be thankful for my relative good health - a back twinge here, some small other problems - and not complain so much about my problems with Mom.

We had a nice Saturday; I took her out for a longish walk and to eat pizza, sunny warm day. Enjoyed looking at other people's flowers. Amazing lady had a 12 pot flower garden on the concrete in front of her house, looking GREAT. Ideas for my new home. Pansies, geraniums petunias, morning glories, all in 1 to 2 foot high ceramic containers. It looked great.

Mom's sister called last night and Mom told her she is moving to B and A's house. Reason she gave: "I couldn't possibly find a room here in this neighborhood any more, it is too expensive." Forgetting that she HAS a 2 bedroom apt. I think her sister fnally realises that Mom is fuzzy in the mind. I have told her, but she has also found her "OK" on the phone. This 91 yr old Aunt lives in SC.

Mom just came out."you are goingf to be mad at me." "WHY?" (thinking, wet bed, good thing I put on those plastic sheets.) "I forgot to tell you my Aide is bringing the eye drops over."

MOM ..she did bring them, on Friday! They are here! They have been here for 2 days. You told me 5 times!

She is on her way back to bed, I hope, to sleep 3 more hours ..

Yesterday she took all her little throw pillows off the couch and put them on the spare bed in her room ..



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