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Re: Deterioration
May 26, 2005
OH Glenna, I'm sorry, I didn't say Hello!!!

[SIZE=5]Hello!![/SIZE] :)

I have worked in the medical field since I was 17. Back in those days, I admired the doctors and thought them very clever individuals and trusted their judgement and their knowledge.

Then I grew up.

They are not the demi-God's many of them make themselves out to be. They are overworked and tired. They make mistakes. Yes, there are some great doctors out there, but there are also many many many 'quacks' who are just simply OVER being a health care professional. They are dangerous in their lethargy for their patients AND themselves. I know of many nurses who have reached 'burnout' and have, quite simply, turned peoples life support machines off because 'it's easier' ... excuse me? Empathy? Murder? Euthenasia (sp?) .. call it what you will ....

I never 'lost faith' with doctors suddenly because of one or two issues, I've lost faith gradually throughout the years. Being forgotten in a time of need. Being ignored here and there. Them 'assuming' that because I'm 'a big girl' that I'm lazy and eat too much. The stories .. well, could more than fill one message board I'm sure. LOL

It IS agreed here in Australia that the anaesthetics used in surgery CAN and WILL cause memory problems, even in the most healthiest of people. They are designed to MAKE you forget any pain you have subconsiously suffered in your sleep-state. Sometimes, the neurons that are affected LIKE IT, and STAY LIKE it .. and ... in people who already have dementia, you are informed your loved one WILL be worse. Not might be worse. WILL be worse. In normal healthy people, we usually bounce back in a week or two (give or take) with the excuse 'my body's been through alot' and so it's OK .. the neurons still take a bit of time waking up, days, weeks, months after a traumatic event.

Your Mum MIGHT be predisposed to dementia.
Your Mum MIGHT not be predisposed to dementia.

It's also been proven that the wrong combination of blood pressure medication can cause dementia type symptoms. Doctors tend to keep prescribing, but neglect to put it all together. That's what happened with my MIL. She was on 4 blood pressure tablets!! She's now on ONE. Her blood pressure? Still elevated like it was with 4 tablets but nothing TOO severe. "Oh" says the doctor "maybe all those pills were working against her"

Well D'UH !!! How did we get him to listen? I was hysterical in MIL's behaviours (read numerous previous posts) and begged him to put her on an antidepressant. Then he was advised by her geriatrician to stop ALL med's and just 'let her go'. He can't do that, so he brought all her med's down to sheer basics. She's no worse off than before, and her skin has a nice tinge to it now, instead of a yellow sallow colour.

Anyway .. I'm rambling .. but I'm good at that. Please ..feel free to vent, jump up and down and scream ..

Your more than welcome :-)


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