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[QUOTE=joann33637]My husbands grandmother has dementia and lives with us.
She is on Aricept and has been for about a year. She also had nausea from it in the begining but now is doing fine. It has actually helped her alot. She had alot of anxiety problems in the begining( when first diagnosed). She would think that she would see people hanging from trees,a nd theat her shoes were missing and ect. The problem I see wiht her now is that it is very hard for her to make decisions on her own. Also, she has to do things every day in the same pattern. (like eating watching tv ect) I was hoping that some other caregivers could give me some advice. Latly I have been getting very frustrated. She will ask me things over and over, like"should I brush me teeth now?", "is this my plate for dinner", just little things but it gets on my nerves due to the repedativeness.
I also have two children, a 8 yr old and 10 yr old, and she will go to them to ask what day is it, are we going anywhere today. Its as if she is afraid to ask me or my husband. And I have never showed my frustration to her. Just wanting to know if this is normal. And are there some things that I can do for her to rember daily tasks, like taking a bath, vac****** her room, ect. PLEASE HELP!!!! :confused:[/QUOTE]


I can understand her going to the kids I think. I suspect she's asking
the kids because she'd thinking she really should know the answer and
doesn't want you to know she doesn't know. More than being afraid
it's probably trying to protect a bit of her pride.

Maybe not. That's part of what's so frustrating with this stuff. I'm
trying to learn to stop trying to figure it out. Even if there is an
answer for why my Mom does what she does today, the answer may
change tomorrow!

Good luck to you in the battle.

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