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Hi All,

I have been gone to a family reunion with my parents, so I am late - but I would like to say my part too.

I am 54, female, married, 2 kids, middle child (only 1 sister still living). I help take care of my father (mom & him still live at home) and my father-in-law. I would like to get a job, but because of my health and going to my parents (1 hour away) 1-2 times a week, if they have no dr. appts and going to my father-in-laws 1 time a week, I cannot at this time. My father-in-law does not have alzheimers (but other illnesses), but is 90!

I am overweight (I love food!), but eat healthy most of the time. My health is: Arthritis (everywhere!), stomach problems, and anxiety/stress. I take meds for all of these. The last two illnesses are in part caused by the caregiving and worrying!

I do not think I was ever mistreated as a child. Maybe a little picked on when the older and younger sibs ganged up on me, but not beyond that.

I know I am needed and I have the time, so that is why I am the caregiver (plus I am the closest living daughter). When it gets worse, I will make sure there is in home care, or outside day care, or alz. care in a permanent place for my father. My mothers situation at the time of the latter, will depend on her condition at the time.

I am sure there is more to add, but will do so later if it comes to me. Thanks for listening.


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