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Hi Gothope,

Another welcome to you! Sorry you need to ask these questions - we do understand.

My mother was in her early 80s when 1st diagnosed with dementia by her long-time doctor. He just announced that was what was wrong because of the odd things she'd done that I could tell him about - forgot math and how to write a check, house became very cluttered, had several car accidents, couldn't tell what mail was important and what was junk, etc. As her memory problems worsened and were more apparent (I lived far from her), I found the 7 Stages of Alzheimer's during my on-line search. I was dismayed to find how many of her odd behaviors were listed as part of the early to mid stages of Alzheimers. I travelled back to see her and I took her back to the doctor with my printed 7 Stages list on which I'd highlighted all of the things Mom was doing or saying. The doctor looked at that and said, "I suppose she does probably have Alzheimer's and not just dementia." No tests, nothing. He just went by the evidence that I presented. Probably almost 2 years went by before Mom became incontinent and she'd long forgotten I was her daughter by then.

At best, an Alzheimer's diagnosis is what you're left with after lots of tests show no other cause for the memory loss and decline in abilities. Sometimes in the late stages of Alzheimer's an MRI can pick up some oddities in the brain.

If your SIL is suddenly incontinent, she may have a urinary tract infection, so suggest to her doctor or her family that be checked.

Come back anytime. We pop in frequently.

Wishing you well - Barbara :wave:

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