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Hi msnancy,
I'm sorry that you have to be here and are seeing these symptoms with your mom. But, I'm glad you've found us.

When my mom still lived alone, I visited once a week. My first sign of a problem was when my brother called and wanted to know why I never visited mom. I had been more than a little peeved because Mom had told me she never saw my brothers.

When we all got together, we learned that we had all been visiting, on different days, but mom didn't remember any of our visits.

As my mom's forgetting escalated, the next step for her was a small doze of anti-depressant. She would get so upset and full of anxiety over the smallest things; junk mail, jury duty notice, how she would get groceries or pay her bills, etc.

Despite the fact that I took care of everything that one day a week, she never remembered it and gradually called me more and more often in tears and upset. Clearly, it was the beginning of her no longer living alone.

Most of us have been through many stages of this disease, so feel free to ask questions or just rant. There's no guilt where our feelings are concerned. We feel what we feel.

Also, there is a "sticky" at the top of the boards. It gives each stage of Ad and the symptoms that accompany it. It's very helpful.

I'm glad you've found us.

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