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My mom is still undergoing tests, the neurologist has done MRI's, PET scans, cognitive/motor testing, and now wants a spinal tap. This has been going on for about 6 months now (the testing). The last the Dr said anything, he said they are trying to confirm a diagnosis of Picks Disease (frontal lobe dementia)? Either way, my Mom is slowly getting worse and at 60 years of age - this started when she was 54- its pretty scary!

Today I brought her to the marina where my boat is. Its a nice sunny 65F day here in Michigan. :cool: I enjoy bringing my mom out on days like this, she smiles and laughs alot and it makes me feel good knowing she feels good. A fellow dock mate about 5-6 docks down was cleaning his boat with his radio on .. I barely even heard it. Well my Mom starts spazzing out about ... get this.. when she hears the radio anymore she thinks its "voices". Example, today when she heard the boat radio a few boats down she started saying that her sister was here and wouldnt shut up. Then she said her sister has been following her for months now and has a computer and can track her. ( ! ) (my aunt lives out of state and my mom hasnt seen or talked to her in a while).

How do you go about this? We are leaving for a 1 week trip to Florida tomorrow and Im starting to get nervous. I dont want her wigging out in Florida. :eek:

Shes on Wellbutrin XL 2x daily, thyroid medicine, and takes Omega 3 fish oil (her choice).

This just started recently, the delusions. Before she used to see bugs and there werent any. :eek:

When she was wigging out today, I just went along with it - I know better than to argue with a dementia or AD patient - and told her that I would talk to my Aunt and tell her to knock it off and thats not nice of her to stalk her like that. How do you folks deal with this?
Martha, its too late. I am typing this from sunny and hot Fort Lauderdale Florida :D

My Mom has been fine, and the only thing that agitates her is that when she hears music/sound/any kind of noise besides regular voice - she thinks its her sister that is stalking and harrassing her and following her around.

I called the neurologist today and have an appointment the day after we get back into Michigan. The nurse said its normal for Picks Disease (what they "think" she has) for a frontal lobe dementia patient. I hate to get my Mom put on anti-psychotics.

Another thing I noticed is that when she hears miscellaneous noises, like today at my Aunts house - she had a beautiful wind chime. When it would chime, my Mom would start humming loudly. Then she said it was her sister again "her big mouth" and she was talking.

Dementia is so weird and so complex. My mom is totally lucid and has a straight face when she is doing this too. Bizarre!
Anyways the nurse at the neurologist said that they expected this (gee, thanks for telling us!) and that she can become combative and agitated - although not in that order - in the future. Sounds like we are losing the battle of time and the dementia is winning. :(
Lily ... educate them .. NOW. Contact your local Alz. Association, get brochures .. Look for books ........ there is a good one available "Keepin gin Touch with someone who has Alzheimer's" by Jane Crisp (it's an Australian publication, but have a try anyway) .. and many MANY other books ......... educate them ....... they HAVE to understand ........ for your SAFETY they have to understand ..........

I just wanna give you the biggest hug Lily ....... because your educating yourself and preparing yourself .... your also fighting and not giving in which is magnificent ... but you yourself realise that eventually ....... and who knows when that will be, but eventually what will happen.

Make your will NOW. Lay down your wishes NOW. Get your say in NOW before it's taken off you.

Care for Picks Disease can STILL be done with love and compassion Lily .. and the rages are USUALLY constant .. there are quiet times as well ... this lady I spoke about spent her morning happily chattering away to other residents and staff. When Physio came to take her for a walk, she got combative. They stepped away and gave her her space. She was happy with that.

I'm sorry for scaring you Lily, I didn't mean too, but the Frontal Temporal Dementia's aren't pretty in their advancing stages.

Hugs my friend

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