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Hi, I am actually posting this for my mother. I'm setting her up on a couple of sites, etc. I'm just trying to help where I can.

My mother's husband of 27 years has just been diagnosed with Frontal Lobe Dementia (FLD). It took them a while and many many tests to come up with this diagnosis. The last few months, he has shown an extreme lack of judgment, and his memory was tricky. He lost his job due to poor judgment. He was a professional with 13 years with this engineering company.

He also had problems with impulse control and excessive drinking. It started getting very bad recently. He would drive the car or truck until it ran out of gas, then forget where he left it, etc. This type of behaviour was not constant, but was becoming more frequent.

According to what my mother is telling me that the doctors are telling her, her loving husband can never live at home again. They say since this affects aggression and impulse control, he can be a danger to himself or others. He is aware and cognizant, but also in some denial about his situation. He is only 66 years old and is otherwise in very good health.

Also, the cost of the facility where he will need to be is about $3,000 a month after insurance. This will take all their retirement funds (which they had planned to do at the end of the year.)

I am curious if anyone knows any recourse to the company firing him (and subsequent cancellation of his good health insurance). Is there any way to perhaps get his benefits re-instated? I understand that a wrongful termination suit would not net much for an attorney taking a contigency (he being towards the end of his career), but it seems like there should be something that company (large, prestigous international engineering firm) can do, even if it is retroactive.

Also, if anyone knows any other good resources for this condition, or any hope at all he may be able to return home (drugs or whatever??), please let us know. My email address is[email][COLOR=Sienna][I]REMOVED[/I][/COLOR][/email]. My mother's (Cathy) is attached to this account.

Thanks. -Shelley

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