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Moms forgetting us
May 30, 2006
Hi everyone,
It's been awhile since I have visited, read some of your post's and glad to know some of you are doing well and other's are sadly struggling.... I have been very busy and a bit consumed I think. My son had surgery and college is out for the summer so it's been alot of things going on in my house. Mom is still in the NH almost three months now and I must say some days I feel very relaxed and
much better about things and then other days I cry and feel devastated.. Mom is still for the most part fairly happy but she is so stuck in the past of her late teen years etc. she is beginning to not always recognise family members anymore at first. She did not know DH the other day and shut her door in his face, he was so hurt at first just b/c he doesnt get to see her as much as me and he felt really bad... She thinks all her grandsons are now very small agian and she does not know she has a great grandson or that her family are all dead including my Dad... I just go along with her most of the time and try distracting her etc. it usually works but not all the time... Sometimes she will seem to be thriving and doing well and then you can find her just wandering around lost and seeming very down and lonely.... I want to bring her home agian but Im so scared to try it agian, she does not know where I live anymore she talks about her Dad and brothers all the time over and over agian it is so sad b/c she keeps asking me why they dont visit her and I can see the hurt in her face. Can anyone explain how they dealt with this part of the disease b/c I feel lost in how to continue dealing with it. I can bring her home agian with me but everyone says she will wander pretty badly and I have to work my job, I can try hiring caregivers agian but last time she would not stay with them without a terrible fight everyday.... Do you think she may do better now since she is on the right med's now???? Their is nothing wrong with her physically she gets around greatly and stays pretty active in the NH we have adult daycare for ad here and they are really good I could take her their daily and take care of her at night alone and on weekends.... I was doing better with dealing with it but now Im feeling lonely and blue all the time agian I feel so much guilt, my sister visits her only once a week for about an hour still really no help at all... No one ever visits her besides me and DH and Brian or my other two boys it just feels so bad for her , if someone can help me by telling me how they dealt with this I would appreciate it so much..... jess

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