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I have a new one. It has to do with my MIL who is not diagnosed with any type of dementia but definitely needs to be evaluated because she has all the signs of it.

MIL has always been a bit on the "tell it as she sees it" side but has always tried to be nice about it. She's never been one to curse other than very rarely saying the four letter S word.

Two days ago, my dh went to visit her. She's developed bed sores on her lower back, thighs and butt. She's almost totally bedridden but in a recliner because of CHF and other medical problems. She wanted dh to look at her bed sores. Not because she was worried. She just wanted him to see them. DH is one who will watch anything gorey on video but a drop of blood will make him queezy. And besides, what man wants to look at their mom's bare butt??? :eek:

So dh declined to take a peek. MIL got upset and said to my dh "You're a F-ing Sissy!" Dh was FLOORED! NEVER has MIL EVER dropped the F BOMB! :D He came home in a state of shock. I suppose I shouldn't have laughed but I did. It really is funny but ds didn't think so. He insists he's not a F-ing Sissy...:D

And the next day all was forgotten. :)

Love, Barb

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