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Hi there, first a bit of history. My 86 year old mom lived with me for 6 years until she was moved to a retirement home last January, this decision was made for me by my older siblings. During her time with us I noticed subtle but constant "little things" that just did not seem right about my mom. Being the youngest of 5 (even at 44), my concerns were not taken seriously.

Since my mom moved, she has shown many symptoms of dementia. My older sister finally decided to take it up with my mom's doctor. She has now had many tests including CT scan and much blood work. The determination is probable Alzheimer's. Her frontal lobes had shrunk quite a bit, that along with her cognative abilities has led to this diagnosis.

We had a family meeting tonight where my sister "revealed" this latest bit of information. I am feeling SO angry at all of them for sticking their heads in the sand for the last year or more and completely ignoring my concerns. The doctor wants to put my mom on Aricept (sp?) but short of that offers little in way of expectations althought I consider her a good doctor.

I'g already grieving, I miss my mom, I'm afraid of how her last years will be spent. I'm coping with major depression myself for which I am being treated and this has just sent me for a loop.

I guess I'm looking for some support, but mostly understanding.

Kathie in CANADA

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