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thank you all for the words of support. It has been 5 days and Sycamore you are is so hard.

I have seen mom a couple of times and she knew who I was everytime. this made me begin to question whether she really belonged in the nursing home. I guess I saw signs of my mom and she recognized me... although on the other hand she believes she is in the hospital and awaiting the doctor's discharge. The staff said she seemed to be doing well; she slept well the first 2 nights but wandered throughout the night on the 3rd nite. When I saw her the next day, she seemed tired and more agitated. I requested a consult from the nh's psychiatrist and he ordered a ct scan and made just minor changes on her meds so I am unsure if this contributed to her agitation.

I guess I keep having moments of doubt; is this where she should be? was it the right decision for her? in reality, I don't know what else I could have done. After I placed her, my father in law told me that he had found her walking down a main street near her house. He stopped and asked her where she was going and she said to my daughter's house (which is on the other side of town). She did not know who he was until he introduced himself and he offered to take her home. He told me he didn't want to tell me because he didn't want to worry me. ( my first question is where was my help who I paid to be with her all day!) Anyway, I am see sawing between this is the right decision and maybe not. My emotions are all over the place.

My sister though seems to be doing really well. Although right now, she does not want to go see mom. I think she will need some more time before she is ready to go see her. I can only imagine what her day in day out life was like.....She has adjusted well so far to our home and I figure I'll see how she does in the next few weeks. For her, I think it was the right decision.

I know my decision involved what was best for both my mom and my sister....I guess I am just dealing with having made the decision I made for mom. I know everyone tells me this is what is best for her ...and I know my emotions are raw ....I just need the time to adjust.

Sorry this was so long .....I guess I am just trying to process this whole situation.

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