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Poor Bill, he's been wringing himself sick over keeping Mum occupied for all those hours, when after all, 15 minutes is enough! I have found most people visit for themselves, not necessarily for the AD victim ... forgetting that the AD victim as they progress, haven't got a clue!

There is a lady I know who is in a facility, and she's pretty quick witted. The staff can muck around with her, and she's good fun. Her family visit fortnightly. Yet when you ask her when her family visited, she'll say years ago. She forgets, and she's one of the more lucid ones!

Anyway, I too have been put on BP lowering medications .. which have been causing a bit of havoc with me unfortunately .. and last time I took my BP it was 162/102 .. HIGHER than before med's!! (This isn't AD stress, this is Teen Stress and work stress ... they're cutting my hours)

I'll give it another week ... if it's still abnormally high and I'm still feeling odd, I'll give the doctor a buzz and change med's.

Just make sure B monitors himself, not necessarily daily (turning into the BP **** isn't advisable) but at different times during the day on different days .. 2 - 3 times a week is probably sufficient.

Cheers !!

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