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Re: Confused
Dec 13, 2006
Going from good days to bad days is normal, and so are hallucinations. My Mom saw a monkey in a tree outside my brother's home. This lasted for a few weeks. She talked to it. She also saw people who had died years before.

She also did odd things like going out in the middle of the night to find something she thought she had left outside. She put herself in danger by forgetting what the red light and the green light means on street corners ...
and got lost frequently until we got a home health aide to stay with her during my work day.

The person who lives with her gets the worst burden - it may be too much for your husband's brother to deal with. You may want to make an alternative plan and at least give him time off very often by having her with you or elsewhere for a day or a weekend or a week from time to time.

This is quite a terrible disease. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. But we do learn to deal with it, often by trial and error. Doctors are not much help and drugs are not very effective. Our solution in the end was a nursing home.



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