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Four months ago my grandmother was admitted into a nursing home to await surgery for her hip. About a week before the surgery she started showing signs of dementia, forgetting the date of the surgery, forgetting that I had visited her the day before etc. The day of the surgery I had to coax her into letting the nursing staff give her a shower to clean her up and get her ready to go to the hospital. She thought we were going to shoot a TV commercial. After the surgery, things got much worse. She refused to eat for a week and a feeding tube had to be put into her stomach. She has not eaten or drank anything since. On a good day, she will look at me and at least try to remember my name. On a bad day, she babbles incoherently about nothing and talks to "her people" that come to visit her. I have been told that she is in the moderate to late stages of Alheimers. She has severe mood swings and is violent sometimes, mostly lashing out at my mother and the nurses that she does not know. My grandmother raised me since I was 11 when my mom left. For twenty years she took care of me, and I took care of her. I have been responsible for taking care of all of her affairs during this time that she has been back and forth from the nursing home and the hospital.

Two weeks ago she was rushed to the hospital with a fever. She has a UTI, a kidney infection, and pnemonia. Her hemoglobin keeps dropping, and her fever spikes and drops as does her blood pressure. I have no family support, or noone to help or explain how something like this could happen so fast. How things could progress so rapidly with almost no signs from before. I have been trying to get the doctors to do some kind of neurological exam to give me a medical explanation of what has happened, but so far, they have refused.

She came back to me, for one day about a week ago. She told me her last wishes, gave me a smile, and told me that she loved me. I miss talking to her every day, I miss her advice. Now when I really need it the most, she isnt able to give it. I just need a friend that may be able to shed a little light on this dark cold disease.

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