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My father in law suffers from Lewy Body dementia, which also include parkinson didease symptoms.
My father in laws health has been gradually going down hill.he was diagnosed 5-6 yrs ago.
My in laws moved 300 miles to live near us in Nov 06 , so we could help with caring for father in law. But in the last 3 weeks his dysphagia has got the point now that he is not eating very much at all..and liquids are only minimal. My mother in law cares for her husband 24-7 and she is trying her best to stop him from getting dehydrated. She has excellent support from gp, nurse and social worker also. They wanted him in hospital but she didnt want him to he was given antibiotics and instructions on fluid output and input.
Anyway, the last 2-3 days has seen a big change in his health..he now has a chest infection from aspiration of food and drink, which we have now been told will only continue to get worse.
But the last 2-3 days, i just have this feeling that he is now dying . He isnt as repsonsive as he was..he is just more or less letting most food and water run from his mouth. His nose is cyanosed and his finger nails too.
Am i jumping the gun abit..or is the end stage of his disease?
I just want to prepare myself so i can be strong for his family!

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