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it is an awful feeling isn't it, i hate it when i see my mums fear of not being able to comphrehend what is hapening to her in situations. mum varys in her ability to remember who people are from day to day so I think she is slipping further into the disease and that her memory for people is going. she can't remember how many children she has or brothers & sisters.

I remember when mum was very ill and I asked her "do you know who I am?" she looked at me and said "no , who are you?" it was one of my worst moments I think.

most days she knows who I am, sometimes she can't remember my name though. she can't remember my husbands name, and some days is unsure of who he is but she seems to know she likes him. I think the feelings associated with people seem to stay for a while.

she gets very confused by my daughter who looks just like me when I was young. most of the time she is unsure of her and will tell us that there is someone in the house. occaisionally she remembers her name and who she is. i get introduced to the staff at the day care every single day,sometimes more than once! it is like someone else mentioned, she seems to have a little speech about me prepared and it comes out the same every time.

I am so grateful for the kindness of people. last week we had a trip to the haridresser, her first real outing in about 6 months. while we were there a lady came over to talk to her, she obviously had known mum well and started chatting. Mum had no idea who she was and was getting very confused. the lady was so kind! she quickly realised mum was very confused and just had a lovely conversation about the weather and her haircut.. just turned a difficult moment into a pleasant interlude for mum. she looked at me sadly as she left.. i just really appreciate it when people accept her memory loss and don't push her to remember.

now if only family would be so kind!

warm regards to you all..:)


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