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Sorry to hear he's at THAT stage .. that's so frightening for everybody!!!

Is is fluids being thickened? His food pureed? As he can no longer tolerate a normal diet, his food needs to be modified. Of course, it does depend on his swallow reflex.

However, if all that has been trialled and he is still choking, then he is at the end-stage of his life, and yes, feeling helpless has a great deal to do with it because there is nothing you or anybody can do to prolong his life.

You see, his body is now taking over and making it do what it needs to do to shut down. He's had enough honey, and it's time for him to move on. This is the hardest part to accept. From the onset of AD, you have been losing him in bits and pieces, and now, it's apparent that the final battle is being fought.

He's tired. He's exhausted. Eating will become painful and it's cruel to watch someone being fed who's body is begging to be left alone.

At this stage, his doctor should have taken him off all medications except pain relief.

Play soft music, burn some calming essential oils. Sit with him, hold his hand. Talk to him. Tell him it's ok to go to God's Garden. Tell him the angels are waiting there for him with open arms and open wings. Tell him he will be whole again when he get's there. Tell him it's ok to go, that it's time he went to be with his Mum and DAd and family members. Tell him you guys here on earth will miss him, but it's ok.

It may be time to say goodbye. Now is not the time to air grievances or to be miserable and sit and cry at his beside. He needs to know everybody's OK and that he is at peace with himself.

I have recently watched a slow death (took 4 months) but the final 2 days were beautiful. It was my first experience of watching death take its hold, and you know .. it wasn't as scary as I thought .. it was peaceful and calming and after he died, his room was filled with his energy and it was vibrant and healthy again. Totally amazing experience.

I hope I've helped a little.
my grandfather has completely stopped being able to chew or swallow 2days ago.. even if u try to give fluids he chokes. Today, when i seen him he is completely unresponsive, looking as if in a daze but not blinking, mouth open and laboured breathing. Last night when i seen him i held his hand and he squeezed it really tight as i talked to him. Today as i held his hand and talked to him he didnt squeeze my hand or respond to my holding his hand. it is like he is dazed. is this also a end-of-life stage.
Unfortunately, yes, this is the FINAL stage. No more to go. This is it.

He will have probably gone by the time you read this, or if not, he won't be far. Rejoice in the man you loved, the life he lived and the fact he is once again whole and with loved ones when he passes on.
That's ok .... glad I helped a little. Also glad that your Grandfather made an easy transition into his next journey of life .........

Cheers & Bless

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