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Sorry to hear about Grandma .... it's always a sad state of affairs.

Nobody can give you specific times of any deterioration, because each human affected is unique before the disease, so they are unique when they are in the disease. The sticky at the beginning of this particular forum "The 7 Stages of Alzheimers" is the best 'average' you will get from anybody. There is another version 'the 3 stages of Dementia' but I have found the 7 Stages to be a bit more thorough.

A lot will depend on your Grandma. Is she stubborn and refusing assistance? If so, she will have more accidents which can speed up the disease process. Is she compliant and happy? Then the disease may just slowly creep up gradually.

Some AD patients continue to recognise family but forget everything else. Others forget family friends and remember everything else. Because we don't know the brain well enough, nobody will really know until it happens.

My best advice is to research and study and educate yourself and BE PREPARED !!!! Things can turn at a moments notice and if your not ready for it, it will physically and mentally hurt you and your family.


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