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HI Natalie

I know EXACTLY where you're at. My loving Mother in Law was EXACTLY the same. Frontal Temporal & Primary progressive aphasia.

She's been in a NH for 2 years now, (as happy as larry by the way). We looked after her for 2 years previous, and when we sorta sat down and thought about it, she was exhibiting some early EARLY signs probably quite a few years before that. My wedding is one that comes to mind (1997) when she, who made brilliant cakes for christenings etc made a *so-so* cake for ours, didn't dress for the occasion (she was meticulous) and I guess, when she went wedding dress shopping with me, let me drive (backed out gracefully).That's the first time I can actually say "hmmmmmmmmmm .. that's not quite right".

Anyway, let's see. 5-6 possibly 7 years ago now, a friend of my in-laws rang me (note: they rang ME. Not the 3 sons, they rang ME) and said "Your MIL is stuttering. That's not right. Get her checked out". So it was put on me from the very beginning to "do something or fix it". I tried, Lord knows I tried, but in the early stages of her dementia, she a) didn't believe she was stuttering (formerly eloquent UK English) b) agreed to see a doctor (avoided it like the plague) and c) agreed to speech therapy, but only went a few times because item (A) kicked in again (Didn't believe there was anything wrong).

FIL tried "Mega Memory" tablets to help her, and all went swimmingly for a few years ... but once we scratched the surface, things were falling apart rapidly.

Anyway, by hmmm .. 3 years ago, MIL lost nouns .. not long after, Verbs, then adjectives and then she was pretty much left with stuttering blather, Yes, No, and numbers (but mainly 2 and 3).

She became aggressive, violent, paranoid and had auditory and visual hallucinations. I had NO CHOICE but to place her in care, because it just got plain UGLY in the end.

Now you know my story Let me tell you about 'my theory'. I have since worked with MANY people who have Dementia and PPA (primary Progressive Aphasia) in varying forms but ultimately 'similar". (Note: PICKS disease is VERY similar)

it is my theory that when we say "Good morning" they here "Graxme flu" and they look at you like your going mad. They THINK ok, so they're THINKING "what the heck is she saying??? Has she gone mad??" so she wants to say "What on earth are you saying?" but the translation gets mucked up and she ends up saying "blather 2, 7,7 yes". Now you look at her going "What the heck is she saying? Has she gone mad?" .......... now of course, you've BOTH picked up on the body language of "What the .....?" so each tries to make the other understand whilst the translation in the head of the victim is going all wrong.

Other times, they hear you perfectly well "Good Morning" but somewhere in the translation/hallucination phase, they translate it to "F*** off" ....... well, that just get's their back up doesn't it? (*whack*) don't speak like that to me (even though you DIDN'T, they interpreted it that you did)

I figure it's the interpretation that's gone awry with PPA.

I remember one early time, MIL's words were almost all gone, and she could no longer write, and she DESPERATELY wanted to write a card to her brother. It took A LOT for her to ask for help (and trust me, it was NOT easy deciphering what she wanted). At the end of a sad and frustrating time for both, she had a moment of clarify where she touched a book she was reading. She hit it hard with the palm of her hand then whacked herself in the head and softly slapped herself on her mouth and said "OK!!!" .... I interpreted that as "I can read ok, but it's not coming out right"

It was tragic watching her decline, and I was EXCEPTIONALLY uneducated as were the 'professionals' who were trying to help me (I was also nursing her husband who had lung disease ... she thought I was after her husband!!)

Please, please, feel free to ask any questions, I'll try and answer them clearly (as much as possible) to help you see things from HIS side of the fence.


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