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Pet CT shows indications of early AZ but a well know nuclear radiologist in McKinney Texas says that he thinks not. We have her on tons of supplements and a drug call Cyprenil manufactured in Mexico. Seems that she is holding her own and is quite aware that she has some issues. She is taking her supplements, doing crosswords, and soon to go to re-hab.

Homeopathic doc ( referral from McKinney radiologist) says that she has heavy metal, pesticide, and parasitic toxicity. Going though chelation therapy and a re-test in 2 months. She is working out with a trainer twice a week but after the detox treatments (laser) she feels like crap and sleeps alot.

Praying for a miracle. Radiologist's father in law diagnosed 15 years ago and when he died and brain autopsied, he did not have ALZ. This same radiologist has a brother that he describes as being "2 years away from the loony bin" and he got him back to where his brother is again practicing dentistry at aged 66 with this same homeopathic doc.

For you guys on West Coast, there is a UCLA doctor administering the Enbrel shots to ALZ patients as experimental treatment.

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