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Please help me!
Jul 8, 2008
Hi everyone i am new here. I am 24. My mom is 54 and has frontal lobe dementia. its been 5 years since her diagnosis. it wasnt so bad at first. but caring for her myself became really difficult. 3 years ago the family decided to put her in assistant living. she has been depressed since then. i feel so guilty and that im a terrible daughter that i cant take care of her on my own and still manage two jobs.
last week she spent a week in the hospital. she has gotten to the point where she doesnt want to go to the bathroom and she holds it. so she had severe pain from constipation.
on sunday we had a family event, and the whole time there she just cried and said "i want to die" over and over again. I feel like she doesnt care for me at all anymore :*( she pushed me away from her and cursed at me. I love my mom we have always been really close. i am so depressed, i cry everyday. the assisted living place are now kicking her out because she has been causing them "trouble" and me and my sister are desperately trying to find a transitional unit. its terrible i know its painful for my mom. she was a high school teacher for 26 years and now this?
she is really far gone i can only pray for a miracle- im just crying non stop right now i cant handle it. i am really questioning my faith now.
My DH also had frontal lobe dementia also known as Picks and was diagnosed at 52 and lasted about 5 years before he passed in May. I too am so sorry for what you are going through and know how hard it can be. Deb is right when she said it's the disease talking and not your Mom. I also tried to have my DH's medication adjusted but for him, it was just too late. He didn't get mean but anxiety was his downfall and he became very anxious at the end and I tried to find a med that would help him. There are meds out there that can help so I wish you good luck and talk to your Mom's neurologist to see if there is something that can be done for her and look for a NH that specializes in dementia patients so they can help her adjust.

Love and prayers,

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