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Welcome home mental. Sounds like you needed to vent for a while. Bless you for giving your sister in law a week's break. As for your younger brother, it sounds like he is not handling the situation very well. Sometimes all you can do is shake your head and try to let the insanity roll off your back.

If your Mom is forgetting how to speak and not eating foods except sandwiches which are considered finger foods, I do wonder why the physician would put her back on aricept after being off for two week. Why did they take her off to begin with? I, like you, would question the wisdom of that decision.

Your Mom definitely needs to be watched when she smokes. The potential for danger is so great. Dad stopped smoking before he was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia. Then a few years later he decided he smoked and did for a while but then he stopped again mainly because they were not available. If he sees me smoke he wants one. Otherwise he doesn't mention it. Therefore I don't smoke in his presence and make sure the cigarettes are hidden. He has not had one since we shared a smoke hidding behind the storage building the day he left home. Yes, it is one of my treasured memories. Me and Dad being BAD together :) Oh how we giggled!!

Again, welcome home. Kick off your shoes, put up your feet, grab your favorite cold beverage, take a long deep breath, and relax. You can wash all of your towels and other laundry tomorrow :) You did good!!!

Love, deb

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