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Has he been checked for fear & depression? Has he specifically been diagnosed with Frontal Temporal? Picks? There is a myriad of *dementia's* out there all with slightly different presentations.

I mean to say, if I got the diagnoses of Frontal Temporal Lobe Dementia (which I'm sure my ex-charge had ... specifically more so .. Picks Disease) I would be physically ill KNOWING what changes will happen and I would be more than depressed knowing what I'm headed for!!

I've seen Early Onset in people just over the age of 50 and they tire easily with little effort (if any - just handling the chore of waking up and facing another day is too much at times).

Perhaps he has *early sundowning* .... although typically sundowning happens in the afternoon, it's not unheard of to be early morning (rare, but not unheard of) and so he comes good (or better) in the afternoon?

All theory & guesswork sadly ..... make the most of his *good* moments! If you can re-arrange your day perhaps so that your both resting in the morning and you can have your activities and such in the afternoons when he's more up to it? That might not be possible, but it's something to ponder perhaps. Remember, he is unable to stay in your world, reality and time-frames, so perhaps you could compromise somehow?


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