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We have to remember that the Alz disease is progressive and its affects on the brain are just now being discovered. My experience is that those residents that become victim to the disease are always living in the past. If you can discover where there at you can surprisingly find them remarkably mentally intact. Eg. While overseeing an Alz research center residents were discovered many times in past life experiences in this life. A resident in his final stages being completely oblivious to surroundings, curled up in a fetal position would stretch out with arms outstretched and begin singing note for note with all the facial expressions that he would display while he was entertaining during his adult years. But soon as the song ended all expression left his face and his limbs would become lifeless and he would again curl up into a fetal position.

In the early stages of Alz you want to try to limit activities to around 15 minutes. After that the resident has difficulty focusing on whats happening and to remain in an activity or conversation becomes meaningless and disappointing to the visitor / family member.

Also, I do not know where you placed your father, but he has a vast network of assistance with the New Jersey Department of Veteran Affairs, which has nursing homes only for veterans which provide the best care around. The environment is very conducive because his element maybe while he was a serviceman and he will find a great deal of commarderie among the fellow veterans. Qualifications are usually honorable discharged from active duty of at least a 160 days, service connected disability, and or indegent. Assets are not always a factor as in forcing you to sell his house in the veteran homes.

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