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Hi Everyone,

I read these boards faithfully every day and have found a wealth of information from everybody. I feel it is time to to introduce myself to all.
The day my Dad stood in the drive way of his home with tears in his eyes as I was leaving after having visited with he and my mom, was the day I realized this man is completely overwhelmed and consumed with all my mom's medical conditions. That was the day I decided it was necessary for me to move back home and help out. Well, it has been four years to the day since. My mom as far as I can remember has always had health issues from Breast Cancer 3 times to a massive Gi bleed last November that she almost died from. She has had numerous hospital admissions and many of them have been ICU admissions. The past year she has been struggling with CHF. Every day is a struggle for her. All these medical set backs and hospitilizations has caused a great deal of confusion and agiation for her. Since the massive bleed episode she has never really bounced back with her cognitive abilities. Her geriactric physcologist has dx her with frontal lobe dementia. I would say she is stage 5. Although every day is challenging I would say the hardest thing I have observed is my Dad he is on a whole different level then her physically and cognitively and doesn't seem to accept the fact that she can no longer do the things she once could. She can no longer cook. She can no longer do her own check book. She can no longer hold to involved of a conversation. She barely eats. He still wants her to be able to do those things and has a tendancy to get aggravated at her and pushes her to the brink of where she becomes highly agitated and then all hell breaks loose. I have tried so many times to give him tips on how to deal with her. I guess it all comes down to he needs to have acceptance of the fact that she is not the person she used to be. The sooner he does the better it will be for us all. I know she is not the mom I always knew. I accept her for who she is now and leave it at that.. He has done so much for her through the years has always been there for her during all of her problems. It is hard to say anything to him without coming across as critical.
It is such a process that will take some time.

After reading these boards for almost a year now I wanted to introduce myself to all of you, and tell you all how very helpul everyone has been.
I am sure I will be posting often.


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