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Re: Who are we?
Oct 21, 2009

I have 2 kids...well not kids 26 and 31 :)

See this is where I get confused on or am still learning. My father in law had alzheimers so I pretty much no how that went. He had it for 8 yrs and we lost him last Oct.

But with mom having vascular dementia its different in some ways at least to me. She is still remembering current things I wish she'd forget. She may not know what she had for dinner but she remembers telling me she is going home for the past week. One man keeps losing his cane and she can tell him exactly where it is,,,,lunch room, activity room , his room etc. and is always right. She can still have times when she comes across as my with it you better do what I say mother.

No offense intended and I myself am a very catholic mom but the catholic moms of my era could lay guilt like no one else. And it sure can knot you up inside. Something I make sure I don't do to my kids...I want to break the cycle.

My son got me to start working out and even though I was surprised at how many machines I can use without injuring my back. He tells me it relieves far its not working :)



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