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Hello and good morning to all;

It`s been a few days since I was last here to talk to anyone. Been alittle busy trying to get back into and old career. All is good on this side of life for the most part. I wish to say thanx to all that have sent a reply to my last message.
I will try to give you all a bit of history on Mom and what is going on with her.
It all started back in Nov. of last year. stopped by to see her after my family and myself were going home from church. She was sitting in her chair at the table as always drinking her coffee. This time around there was something that was not right with the way that she was acting.She was asking me over and over again if I could see the man that was standing on her deck trying to get into her apartment. Not knowing any better at the time I kept telling her that there was no one outside trying to get in.At this time not only did she a man on her deck but there was kitten hiding in one of her plants as well as a answering machine that kept talking to her.
Up to this point things had not been this bad with her. We have been dealing with health issues with her for the better part of a month now and the Doctors could never pin point what was wrong.
Now take in to consideration that she is dealing with not only trying to get her Thyroids leveled out but also Anxeity,Bad Nerves,A real bad case of Dermatities, Not being able to sleep at night due to waking up and not being able to breath,not eating properly and not taking in enough fluids.
So I tell everyone else involved that they are nolonger in charge of the situation and I take her to a diffrent hospital where with in a couple of hours they know what is wrong and the treatment begins.this is what they find after all the test that they run on her.
Sever Dehydration,
Sever U.T.I.,
Thryoids way out of control,
Hanging border line Diabetic,
Diagnosis of Dementia due to Alchohol Abuse ( Shrinkage of the Brain Stem at the base )
Now my mind is going into overdrive with talking to the Doctors and Nurses concerning her Medical History and such. After hours of this question and that question from this person and that person we finaly have some answers as to what we need to do.
She is addmitted to Sparrow Hospital here in Lansing on the 4th.of Nov. she spends a week there while the Doctors and Nurses do there test on this and that. The whole time I am right on their side asking 1,000 s of questions of what,when,where and why.
The Doctors are finaly comfortable with their diagnosis and now we need to find her a bed in a facility that can offer her the treatment that she needs.This means more people and more questions to deal with. Now I find myself digging for strength at every turn in this situation.
We don`t have insurance for her as of yet so we need to find a place that will accept her under a Medicaid Case Pending situation. The only place we find is in Carson City which is an hour drive one way. So away she goes to Carson City Hospital where they addmitt her to their Psych Ward where they are going to do their test and try to regulate her medacation.She spends a week there before they feel she can be realeased to a A.F.C. Now we are facing the no insurance issue again.Another move for her and more strength for me please.
Pine River Healthcare Center in St.Louis,Mi. a half hour or so north from Carson City has been a God Send to me. She has been ther since around the 14th. of Nov. and to date is doing much better than she was when we first got her there. She has been moved from their Psych Ward there to General Population. And now all we are doing is waiting for the insurance to kick in so that we can get her moved back to Lansing where she will be much closer to Family and Friends.
It is hard to believe sometimes that this all started from her Thyroids being out of wack and her giving up the drink cold turkey.
So as I sit here trying to hold my own life together I am trying to do the same for her at the same time. It has not been easy. We had to pack up her house a few weeks ago and I think that was the hardest thing to handle so far through all of this. To see Mom`s Hosue change to no more than a memory is hard. I know it is hard for all of her Grand Kids to deal with knowing that there will be no more going to Grand Ma`s to spend the night. I ask of any one out here if there is a easy way to deal with all that is changing due to this no good evil disease ?
I thank God for this kind of site where I can come and visit and know that I can share with others that have gone through or are going thrugh the same types of things as I am. Thank You one and all for all that you are doing. I can only pray and hope that through all of this I will one day be of help to some one in the same situation.
For ever on my Quest during this crazy journey we all call life,

Michigan Moose,

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