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I am a veteran of dementia care, my Mom passed away from it in 12/07.

Dementia is a term that covers various types of memory loss. Alzheimer's is a subcategory under that heading. Many people say things like 'dementia is bad but Alzheimer's is worse', but that is only old wives' tales. One of the worst types of Dementia is frontal lobe dementia.

However, mostly all the dementias respond equally well (or badly) to currently available drugs, and there is supposedly a better drug somewhere in the pipeline of testing, which may even reverse or cure damage.

Thus far it is more or less trying to slow progress at the beginning, coping with certain types of behavior such as aggression and violence, and learning coping mechanisms.

In the final analysis, having the person cared for by professionals and trained helpers in a good nursing home is the best solution. Usually families fight that idea for a few years before they succomb to it and wish they had done it sooner.

My Mom went to a lovely nursing home on Long Island. She had fallen and broken a hip and her Dementia made it impossible for her to cooperate and do the needed excercises to get well, so she never walked again.

The NH treated her well. Everyone loved her, and she was happy there, until her death 2.5 years later at age 99. I lived with her from the middle stages of AD until she became increasingly difficult and confused, wandered off while I was at work, etc, necessitating a home health aide to come and stay with her. I lived there (Queens, NY) for 5 years.

All the things you describe are 'normal' for the disease.

People here have loved ones in all stages of the disease, and all of them have found ways of coping with it. I am sure you will get many answers to your questions. Hang in there, do the best you can, don't shy away from getting help, and remember, there is life after caregiving ends!



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