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Hi Everyone,
Some of you may remember me. I asked some questions about MRI on this board and what it would show concerning dementia. Many of you gave me wonderful informative answers.
To recap, my FIL who lives with us, is a Type 1 diabetic and has been showing signs of cognitive impairment. It took nearly a year after he moved in with us for me to convince my husband that he had to go to the doctor with him and explain the problems he was having with memory, being unable to learn new things (like using a remote). His doctor seemed somewhat interested but mostly in the fact that he hadn't gone to a foot or eye doctor in years, that he does nothing but sit in his room and vegitate. His doctor was unaware that he had stopped playing raquetball and rarely fished. That trip resulted in him going to get cataract surgery, which was needed. My FIL then proceeded to make appointments that my husband couldn't go to. Finally he had the chance to go again last November and told the doctor once again of his concerns, including how my FIL was managing his diabetes, since he was constantly taking too much insulin that was causing him to have seizures. The doctor told my husband that his father needs to take 5 units less of insulin and get an MRI for the cognitive problems. I was very frustrated by the way the doctor blew off my husband about the possible dementia symptoms, I didn't realize that he also was irritated by my husband thinking that he was blowing things out of proportion. My husband felt like an idiot for asking the questions and when I approached him, just kind of said what can I do?
Fast forward to now. Since the last time I posted to the boards in January, my father in law became sick with cold-like symptoms. He would feel really bad, glucose count would be high, and he would call in to his Dr. for a prescription which the dr would call in for him, he would start feeling a little better and two weeks later, the same thing, call the doctor, get a script feel a bit better and then sick again. People who have diabetes have very high glucose counts when they are sick and have to be careful to maintain sugar levels and eat properly. Finally after the third relapse I told my husband that he needed to make his father go to the doctor. Which he did try to get his father to do, and his father never made an appointment. Finally, I brought all kinds of printouts home to my husband about some potentially fatal problems when diabetics got sick that I thought sounded like how my FIL was starting to seem. I had called Hubby from work and told him that I had the printouts and wanted to go over some things that we really needed to talk about. While we were going over these things, FIL comes downstairs from his room looking horrendous, uses the bathroom and goes back to start up the stairs but instead sits on the bottom step. My husband asks him a few questions, and it was obvious he was very sick. Finally I just said, Jim he needs to go the hospital. He started right away telling his dad he needed to go to take him to the hospital, ok? I was like, no he is going to the hospital now! I am not good in situations like this but I put on my big girl britches and would not allow either to back down. Got my RN neighbor to come over and convince them which she did.
Well he almost died, he had diabetic Ketoacidosus and a glucose count of over 1100! He was in ICU for 24 hours and is recovering but has been telling some wild stories. We were told this could have been worsened by the medication and the extreme illness he had gone through, and he has been in the hospital for 4 days.
But the good thing is that he will finally be getting the help he needs. My husband says that he isn't giving him choices, and that he finally had enough to go back to the doctor and prove that he was right. It is obvious that my FIL wasn't aware enough to manage his diabetes and when my husband tried to get help for him. his doctor didn't believe it. Now my husband is totally committed to getting his dad a new dr that will help him and us in management, we are also going to try to get a chance to be able to find out what is going on with treatment and medicines. We found out that the medicine to fight sickness was Allegra!
I am so f***ing angry! The more my husband told me about the last Dr appt, the angrier I get. That man used his position of power to make my husband feel as though he were over reacting.
If anyone has any information on how my husband can be able to call the dr's and find out what is happening currently with tests, medications, suggestions, I would be very grateful!
Thanks for reading and sorry so long!


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